save a sexless marriage

How to turn up the heat on a sexless marriage

Let’s face it… marriage can be hard work. There will come a time in most marriages when it may even be considered a sexless marriage. Choosing to commit to one person for the rest of your life is a long time! We spend our whole lives changing, growing and learning. Doing that solo is tough, but doing it with someone else can be even trickier. Often, a side effect of that growing process is a…

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turn a woman on

How to really turn a woman on

Men and women are wired differently. While this isn’t news to many people, it manifests in a variety of surprising ways. One of the more prominent of these is sex. The majority of people know that turning men and women on can take a variety of different things. However, that doesn’t mean that turning a woman on has to be as difficult as you might think. Instead, it can be much easier than you might…

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How to be a submissive

How To: be Submissive (in BDSM)

Being a submissive is still shrouded in mystery. Even when Madonna released her 1990 single “Hanky Panky”, in which she crooned that there was nothing like a “good spanky”, it was a calculated controversy meant to shock most people. Adult spanking? Goodness me! Fast forward to 2019, and BSDM is actually part of the popular culture landscape, featured in movies, videos, television shows and Facebook ads. Now that people can be more open about their…

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sex work as an escort

How To Have a Love life After Sex Work

As a student, I worked as an escort and a life model for artists. Sex work was something I’d always known I would do at some point. I’d worked in bars for years, I’d cleaned houses, sometimes up to 4 houses a day. I’d thought about prostitution since I went to Amsterdam as an 11 year old and through my child’s eyes, these women were glamorous and mysterious. As I got older I mentally toyed…

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BDSM gender politics

Gender Politics, Biology and Sexuality

This is a massive subject and a blog post can only scratch the surface on this complex socio-sexual dynamic. We are in the grip of a fourth wave of feminism, which began in about 2012. Many early feminists are at war with current feminists, and in fact feminism itself for many people has become the F-word. Over the past few decades, many people feel, that masculinity has been diluted, and men don’t know how to…

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Sugar Babies vs Escorts

Sugar babies and escorts are both involved in intimacy-based relationships, and that is probably why there is a confusion as to what makes the two different from each other. Both of them get financial rewards from their interactions with a man. However, there are differences between escorts and sugar babies. Sugar Babies More and more women are becoming sugar babies now especially that the cost of getting a college degree continues to rise. Young women…

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Friends with Benefits

Rules You Shouldn’t Break As Friends with Benefits

Having a friend with benefits can be an amazing experience. The old “booty call”, as they call it, has gotten many of us out of what could have been awful dry spells. If you’ve just entered a relationship of this sort, though, you might not know there are certain lines you shouldn’t cross if you want to have a friend with benefits for as long as possible. In the following, we’ll show you a couple…

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sydney brothels

How Do Open Relationships Work?

From a young age, we realised that once we find that special someone, we will stick to that relationship forever, or at least for a long time – thanks to the media and societal conditioning. But societies change, people change, and a good partner is hard to come by. Why? Because some people get bored, feel trapped and are miserable after a while when they are in a monogamous relationship. However, there is this thing…

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brothel sydney

Popular Fetishes – Role Play in Relationships

Role Play One of the most popular fetishes shown in movies and on television. Role-playing has long been a part of sex play. While once regarded as somewhat strange or even deviant, today we realise that role playing can be a completely healthy way to add variety to a couple’s sex life. Read on for the basics on this popular fetish, including how you can indulge with your partner. What is Role Play, Anyway? Like…

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brothels in sydney

Troublesome Negotiation Tricks and How to Overcome Them

Troublesome Negotiation Tricks Troublesome Negotiation Tricks? Dirty negotiation tricks and how to manage them effectively. Identify the most problematic negotiation tricks. Using our guide, you will find out the most typical ones and will learn how to overcome each of them properly. Troublesome Negotiation Tricks and How to Overcome Them Have you got sick with constant dirty tactics from the side of potential partners? In the case, you should develop some protective and preventive measures…

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Porn in an Adult Relationship

Porn in a Healthy Adult Relationship

Porn in a Healthy Adult Relationship Possibly the most mainstream of technically taboo sexual activities, viewing porn is something which the vast majority of adults have done at least once in their lives. Porn is controversial, however, and it can be abused. Read on for what’s healthy, what’s not, and how to tell the difference. Porn in a healthy adult relationship. Porn Overload Porn viewing used to be a very taboo and rare occurrence. Back…

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perfect match

Signs You’ve Found Your Perfect Match

Perfect Match Throughout your life, you meet a lot of people. Some of them become your friends, some become just people who teach you something. You go on many dates, have several relationships, but you truly love only once. Every time a new person appears in your life, you secretly want to know whether it’s just another person sent to you for experience or this that special someone. How to find your perfect match? No…

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perth brothels


The world today operates fluidly, in all walks of life, from careers, sexuality and overall lifestyle choices. Younger people are less committed to many of the components bestowed upon by previous generations; values of marriage, and families, for example, have changed drastically since the boom of generation X. Now, millennials in the age of social media, faux-representations of the self, disposable information, and fleeting romances, are often uncharted in terms of identity. In short, what…

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adelaide brothel

Watching Porn Together

Watching porn together is an experience that is sure to change things up in any intimate relationship. Whether that change is positive or negative won’t be known until

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