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Troublesome Negotiation Tricks

Troublesome Negotiation Tricks? Dirty negotiation tricks and how to manage them effectively.

Identify the most problematic negotiation tricks. Using our guide, you will find out the most typical ones and will learn how to overcome each of them properly.

Troublesome Negotiation Tricks and How to Overcome Them

Have you got sick with constant dirty tactics from the side of potential partners? In the case, you should develop some protective and preventive measures to stop the dirty game.

Negotiations are crucial for the present days and it’s not possible to order the things the way you would like to.

Other people would like to have a bigger slice of a pie. Luckily, this article contains essential prompts on how to deal with such people. We focus on the possible dirty tricks of your partners and effective ways to overcome them.

Remember your college years. When you were a student and wrote various papers, you had to face various challenges and some were forced to use the assistance of and similar services.

Being a business owner is similar to being a student. You constantly deal with tricky and complicated official documents, which you are to negotiate with the cunning business partners.

Every business owner is simply obliged to learn appropriate methods to negotiate correctly. At times, it becomes utterly difficult and you may require assistance.

This is when you will find our guide helpful. We have gathered crucial facts cornering different aspects of the negotiation process, recognized potential complications and found how to manage them all. They’re of great importance because there are many repeatable situations with the unfair participation of the opposite side. Recognizing them is the first step. The next one is to determine the most appropriate solution for each troublesome aspect.

Problems and Countermeasures

Let’s review the most typical dirty tactics, which are used in the “big game”. Simultaneously, we will discover appropriate countermeasures.

Thus, you will define potential risks and will know how to deal with them. There may occur the following unwanted situations:

  • Quitting at the last minute.
  • Asking more without actual reasoning.
  • Calling a higher authority.
  • Claiming that your offer is nonsense.
  • Avoiding real information and actions.
  • Two against one.
  • Insignificant chatting.

Many cunning negotiators adore quitting the agreement right before it is supposed to be signed. This method is also called “left at the altar”, which symbolizes a bride left right before happy signature of the marriage.

The tactic is targeted at getting more out of you. Don’t fall for the bait! Drop the matter and wait approximately 30 days more to get your own concessions. It’s quite possible that the tricky partner will call him-herself to resurrect the matter.

Some people forecast that the future sales will bring benefits due to historical proofs. They wish to claim that a service is already good before it’s sold. Don’t believe that. You’d better assure that you will pay bonuses only when there would be the actual growth.

Another unfair tactic is to delay the final signing telling that the party, which discusses the terms with you, isn’t responsible for the final decision. Prevent any delays of that kind and call directly for the person who can negotiate.

At times, negotiators may tell that your offer is nonsense. Make “big eyes” and play a true surprise that somebody might have offered something worthier. Afterward, repeat your offer.

Some folks dance around the matter, pouring out insignificant information and leading to distraction. Be straightforward. Interrupt that nonsense and ask what it has to do with your point. Don’t allow re-trading the deal. They may wish to change some points right before the negotiation. Cancel that attempt.

Sometimes, the opposite side plays against you with two people in a team. Under such circumstances, you’d better ask somebody from your company to join you to equalize the opportunities.

Some negotiators use a method called “roaring brains”. They may go on speaking for hours about lots of things and will say nothing in particular, which is associated with your case. In order to prevent this, start asking about facts, experience, and data directly on the matter. The other party will be forced to answer them or will show incompetence.

Additional Data

There are likewise people who completely don’t care about their potential partners. Though they’re supposed to care, they wish to negotiate on their terms only. Therefore, you should strike back and do it confidently. Here are some two more examples.

Really mean negotiators would do whatever is possible to get all benefits for him-/herself. Such persons aren’t interested in the win-win solution, which finds a compromise for each side. Don’t play that game. Refuse the negotiation until everything becomes fair and square.

The next example is when your potential partner deliberately walks out to show the uttermost disinterest. What to do? Go with the flow. Wait until the second part returns with excuses and set your own terms.

Consider all mentioned above recommendations and implement them when it’s required. Some of them may not work for each time. Nonetheless, you will really get lots of victories.


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