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Townsville might be considered the unofficial capital of North Queensland, but it is also home to fully licensed brothels. You can abandon your inhibitions and explore your sexual boundaries at tantalising Townsville brothels with the beautiful Townsville escorts.


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Townsville is Australia’s largest urban centre located north of the Sunshine Coast. Townsville balances the surreal 300 days of sunshine with its beautiful major city and funky bars and restaurants. It is better known for its tourism attractions like the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium Reef HQ, the tropical beach and garden strip that is The Strand, the famous neighbouring island Magnetic Island, Billabong Sanctuary where you can get up close with animals from Australia, Queens Gardens, and many more attractions. Famous attractions like these can keep a lot of people preoccupied for a good couple weeks in the endless esplanade and 19th century buildings.

If you’re not into these kinds of attractions, you might enjoy the night life of Townsville. In the heart of the CBD, there’s a cluster of amazing and culturally diverse bars and nightclubs that will keep you entertained throughout the night. You can spend your evening with prostitutes in Townsville instead. Though, here, in Australia we kindly refer to them as escorts in Townsville or sex workers in Townsville. Though us Aussies may be politically correct in terminology when having triple X fun at brothels Townsville has a party scene that is pumping and adult entertainment thrives in this city as well. If you’re looking for some erotic experiences, visit a Townsville brothel and see the wonderfully delicious offers some of the best fully licensed brothels in North Queensland has for you to experience.