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If you’re living in Wollongong or are simply enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery, you may wonder how your experience could possibly be improved upon. The answer? A visit to one of the many brothels Wollongong offers will be an unforgettable experience full of various naughty adult services. Here we have a list of salacious locations where you can explore your innermost desires, and right by the ocean.


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A History of Wollongong Nightlife: The Erotic Passions of a Working Class Port City

Do you remember the old Oxford Tavern in Wollongong? Drinking and dancing to a live band in the nineteen eighties? Well, archaeologists have discovered that the former site of the tavern has been home to the nightlife of Wollongong for far longer. Beer and Champagne bottles, along with old plates, dating back to the 1800s have been uncovered during the dig. Further digging has revealed stone stacked walls and open fireplaces, which were part of the original hotel that obviously predated the Oxford Tavern. In addition, it seems that the site has been home to a succession of pubs that were knocked down and rebuilt over the years. Locals have been celebrating at this particular site for a couple of centuries.

George Brown established the first inn here in 1833, and a Mr Mackie set up the town’s first brewery in 1839. In 1861 the Keira Theatre opened with a show called “Ravens of Orleans”, which attracted an opening night audience of some two hundred. By 1857 there were twelve licensed hotels in Wollongong. Early records do not list the brothels, as they were obviously illegal but you can bet your bottom dollar that they were there in the early days of the ‘Gong’. Where there are miners, there are whores; as my dear old dad used to say. Miners dig holes, was another of his favourite sayings, and they love shafting a tunnel or two. Coal miners make great lovers because they are used to being bent over all day; they develop powerful thigh muscles. DH Lawrence, the famous author of sexually explicit material, was from coal mining stock and he, actually, lived in Thirroul in 1922. Lady Chatterley’s Lover enjoyed some frank scenes of honest copulation between representatives of the working class and their social betters. Lawrence would call his Australian opus, written in Thirroul, Kangaroo; and there was more fascism than fucking in this novel. Thirroul was a favourite haunt and the last known haunt of the artist Brett Whitely; who died of a drug overdose there. So, the Wollongong region has a reputation for risqué recreational activities.

In 1933 the population of Wollongong was just eleven thousand four hundred and three; today the population is close to three hundred thousand. The 1933 census also revealed that more than two thousand households were living in tents in the Wollongong area. A trip to a brothel and the use of a bed must have been a right ‘bonza’ occasion for the blokes in the ‘Gong’. The government in 1938 built three score worker’s cottages for single unemployed men; and these were so basic that they were forced by public criticism to make improvements to them. The area became known as ‘Spoonerville’, after the name of the minister responsible ES Spooner. Spoonerville became known for its high rates of disease, due to its low lying aspect. Poverty would probably be a more relevant cause of this, but government records don’t like to call a spade a spade about these kinds of things.

RSL clubs began to open their doors in the region in the 1940s and they would provide their fair share of nightlife entertainment. In 1963 the Southline Drive-in opened at Fairy Meadow and I suspect that a lot more folk than fairies would have been rocking those vehicle suspensions. Drive-ins were the favourite destinations for young lovers, who still lived at home; and it mattered very little what was showing on the screen. Fast food and fast sex on the back seat of a Holden or a Ford; don’t forget to bring a blanket!

The racial profile of the Wollongong area began similarly to the rest of Australia, with a preponderance of Protestant English, Scottish and Welsh, and Roman Catholic Irish. Chinese people are recorded in the region by the 1890s; perhaps there was a Chinese brothel and opium dens. In the 1920s the ‘Gong’ attracted Italian migrants for the fishing opportunities; and their sons definitely became involved in the adult entertainment industry as brothel owners, in some cases. Perhaps, some of their down on their luck daughters were involved in another way.

The Tiki Coffee Lounge was an infamous Wollongong sex joint in the 1970s, which housed a café on the ground floor and a brothel upstairs. You would enter the coffee lounge and arrange for your session upstairs, before being escorted out the back to the rear stairs. It became nationally famous when resident Charles Berry was murdered there and his body stashed in the ceiling. This True Crime story had all the elements: corrupt police, organised crime, prostitutes, muscle and murder. Brothel owner Anthony Malouf was paying off the local cops to turn a blind eye to the activities occurring at the Tiki Coffee Lounge; where you could get more than a warm drink. The Tiki was also an illegal gambling joint. Berry had been managing the place before he was replaced by ‘Big John’ who removed him from his position by killing him, with the help of the ‘Tiki’ doorman, and sticking his dead body in the ceiling. The body stayed up in that ceiling, dripping blood and decaying rapidly in the summer heat. It got so bad that the escorts had to wear perfumed masks so that they could keep working. An ex-soldier was coerced by Big John into helping dispose of the body. Eventually, they were all caught and sentenced to prison time. Prostitute Bridgette Tolson was said to have given a very full and colourful account of the goings on at the Tiki.

These days the ‘Gong’ is a much classier place and the Wollongong brothels are palaces in comparison to the seedy dives of yesteryear; but it is important to know your history to appreciate where you currently are.