Erotic Massage in Australia

Erotic Massage Parlours in Australia

If you’re in search of an Australia sex massage, also known as erotic massage, you’ll find more than your fair share of sensual massage parlours that will give you a “happy ending” massage, a Nuru massage (body slide massage or bodyslide massage), rub and tug or any other happy ending that you may seek. Our comprehensive list of erotic massage parlours below will give an erotic massage parlour no matter where you may be in Australia or where you may travel to in Australia.

Where To Find An Erotic Massage

It’s not hard to find what they call an ‘erotic massage’ around busy urban areas these days, but there is a bit of a difference between the quick happy endings and the sensual experiences out there. It’s vital that you clarify your needs before booking.

What Is A Happy Ending?

Happy endings are thought of as being a quick and easy service performed in parlours that are usually unmarked and unassuming (aside from their neon ‘open’ signs and blacked out windows). Finding one of these places isn’t hard and the actual transaction itself is also pretty simple. A lot may wonder how so many of these all-night, back-entrance-only massage parlours are able to pop up in any location. To us, it seems obvious that they’re offering at least some sexual services, so aren’t they a brothel? Is there a line between happy ending massage parlours and brothels? The answer to both of these questions, in short, is yes.

Are Sexual Massages Legal?

Of course the laws between states differ, and sex work is legal in Australia as a whole, but for example in New South Wales, any establishment that offers sexual services for money is considered a brothel, regardless of whether it’s ‘full service’ or not. If a massage parlour in New South Wales is involved in happy endings or erotic massages – they have to be registered with the council as being a brothel. For Queensland, brothels are okay but massage parlour sex work is not; it’s still illegal so more often than not, you will find many brothels offering erotic massages and happy ending massages as part of the list of their services. Brothels are actually illegal in South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and Northern Territory; while prostitution itself is legal and highly regulated in these states and the sex workers must be registered.

Indulge In A Sexual Massage

However, finding a parlour to indulge your sexual massage needs isn’t hard, and visiting a high quality establishment that won’t be subjected to a police sting is very easy. A lunchtime rub and tug is always on the menu with the amount of erotic massage places in the bigger cities, or if you’d prefer it as dessert they’re usually open well into the night. These parlours offer premium services that go above and beyond the standard hands-on massage.

Bodyslide or Nuru Massage

One of the most popular items on the erotic massage menu is a bodyslide or nuru massage, with hand relief as a finale. Enjoying a nude, oiled up woman rubbing her entire body over yours before bringing you to orgasm is something you don’t want to have interrupted. The extras make the experience ten times better though, and for a bit more money your erotic and sensual massage can expand to include oral sex, a toy show, a spa session with your masseuse if available, and of course, a double feature with two naked girls instead of one. Actually, if you’re feeling especially indulgent – select as many girls as you can. The possibilities are endless!


You’ll Feel Like A New Man

Many erotic massage parlours often offer five-star rooms and masseuses, and employ staff that are actually trained or qualified to perform Swedish and remedial massages, so you pay for quality and come out the other side feeling like a new man all over.

Most massage parlours in Australia, whether they offer sexual services or only relaxation massages, usually have fully covered windows with pictures of people getting massaged plastered all over their windows and doors. At first glance, these establishments may seem dodgy due to their privacy and the discretion they apply to their shop windows. Some places only have a sign out on the street with an open door and a flight of stairs leading up to the massage parlour.

Is It Really A “Day Spa” Or “Relaxation Centre”?

You may be correct in assuming all these places are offering happy ending massages to their patrons. Some places advertise themselves as “spas” or “relaxation retreats” while some advertise as simply “massage”. If you want to identify establishments that offer sexual massage or happy ending massage, you will have to Google them a dozen times until you get the right information. Due to society’s assumption about massage parlours, this is a tough industry to get your actual information out there.

How Do You Know if They Provide Erotic Massage?

One of the most sure-fire ways to find out if the place you’re planning to visit is definitely a sexual massage parlour, do a simple walk-in and ask if they offer a walk through with their masseuses. Non-sexual massage parlours won’t have this procedure for massage bookings. They will simply take down your details, what type of massage you want from their list of services and get you in the massage room. There are no sexy masseuses wearing scantily clad outfits that leave very little to the imagination if you go to a non-sexual establishment.

Walk-Through Masseuses

If it’s an erotic massage parlour that you’ve just entered, you will either be met with a walk-through of the pretty masseuses trying for your attention all in the same room or you will get to meet the ladies one-on-one in a private meeting room inside the massage parlour.

Finding massage parlours catering to “happy endings” in Australia can be tricky because most directory websites, such as Locanto, Yellow Pages and Cracker, list all the available general massage parlours in the country without specifying whether they offer sexual services. Before you start calling to make your booking, it’s probably a good idea to visit our list of erotic massage parlours in Australia, broken down into the main cities in each state for ease of access. On, we only list the nude massage parlours that offer happy ending massages so you don’t get confused when selecting the establishment of your choice. See listings to find your sensual massage establishment today.