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  • perfect-match

    Signs You’ve Found Your Perfect Match

    Throughout your life, you meet a lot of people. Some of them become your friends, some become just people who teach you something. You go on many dates, have several relationships, but you truly love…
  • shyness-in-bed

    Overcoming Shyness in the Bedroom

    You may be surprised to find out that there are a lot of people who are rather shy about their bodies when it comes to getting active in the bedroom. Not everyone is as blatantly…
  • breaking-up-girl

    Rules of Breaking Up with a Girl

    So, you’ve realized that she is not the one and decided to end this relationship. How to do it right so that she won’t get a psychological trauma? All women are different and they react…
  • date-single-mom

    Dating a Single Mom

    Do you like children? This is what she asked you before she told you that she was a single mother. You don’t think it’s a problem because you really love her and are ready to…
  • rough-sex

    Rough Sex is Good for You

    There are lots of different types of sex there. Hollywood tends to portray the general “romantic” and intimate type of sex as being the ideal. This type of sex usually takes place within the confines…
  • whipped-cream-delight

    Whipped Cream Delight

    Food and sex have a long history. They are, after all, two of the most vital things that people need. Sex is not just for pleasure, but it is also something that can boost the…
  • high-libido

    What to Do with a High Libido

    Have sex! We’re kidding (obviously, you will want to and can have sex with a high libido). The most obvious concern here is that a person with a high libido may not be getting the…
  • sex-intimacy

    Sex versus Intimacy

    Sex is one of those topics that everyone thinks about, whether or not they talk about it. You can see the evidence of it in the sex toy and online dating industries: sex sells, it…
  • sex-in-cubicles

    Sex Positions for Cubicles

    Having sex in a public place is a massive turn on for a lot of people. However, many shy away from it for multiple reasons. Probably one of the biggest concerns that many people have…
  • safe-sex-online

    Safe Sex Online

    Safe sex is spoken about a lot – and rightly so. Its discussion is brought up in schools and universities. However, it is also a subject that needs to be discussed more openly with adults…
  • religious-role-play

    Religious Role Play

    Role play is extremely popular. For those who have never tried it, however, it can seem to be rather daunting. After all, it does involve slipping into a role you’ve never played before and stepping…
  • naughty-nips

    Naughty Nips

    There is a lot to be said about nipple play. It is something that is enjoyed by millions of people across the world. In fact, this very specific type of sexual practice is something that…
  • lights-on-off

    Lights On or Off?

    There are a lot of options when it comes to the kind of environment that you want to have sex in. A lot of the time, it is down to timing and preference. Since sex…
  • douching

    Is Douching Necessary?

    Douching can seem a bit strange to those who know very little about it. This is understandable since, for the most part, it was originally used in a medical context. These days however, many people…
  • anal-play-men

    Anal Play for Men

    When it comes to erogenous zones, there is no denying that men’s can differ considerably from those of women. Women, for example, tend to have more of these erogenous zones spread out all over their…
  • erotic-massage-rough-sex

    Erotic Massage vs Rough Sex

    Everyone has their own ideas of what constitutes good sex. There are many people who just like to get hard and get off, banging away until they come. Others prefer to take a slow approach,…
  • do-women-go-to-escorts

    Do Women Go to Escorts?

    Prostitution, they say, is one of history’s oldest professions. While it may not necessarily be one of the absolute oldest, it is very old and instances of it can be seen all throughout history. In…
  • Escorts-More-than-Sex-Workers

    Escorts Are More Than Just Sex Workers

    Escorts are usually just seen as carrying out a specific function. That function is sex. Some people enjoy spending an hour or two with an escort in order to explore sexual fetishes and fantasies that…
  • spice-up-your-night

    Spice Up Your Night

    While you may have the urge and the drive, spicing up your night for an exciting erotic play can be a little daunting. There is a lot to consider if you want to avoid the…
  • Watching-Porn-Together

    The Perks of Watching Porn Together

    Watching porn was and still is (to some extent) frowned upon by almost everyone. Some religious people consider watching porn a sin, while other people find it to be a disgusting activity that makes you…
  • Sex-Forbidden-Places

    Why Sex in Forbidden Places is the Greatest

    Did you ever go to a restaurant, and 10 minutes into your brown rice and roasted chicken breast you looked into your partner’s eyes and then to the door leading into the bathroom? You did,…
  • unbreakable-condom

    The Unbreakable Condom

    Whenever an opportunity for some fun time shows up, you need to be ready. That means that you will need to have a condom. Far too many people get infected with all sorts of diseases,…
  • brothels-sex-with-stranger

    Sex with Someone You Know vs. a Stranger

    We all have our own fetishes – and when it comes to sex, everyone has a different opinion. Some people can’t do it unless that person is the love of their life. Other people can’t…
  • brothels-sex

    How Many Times a Week Should You Have Sex?

    When it comes to sex, every couple has its style, its “right time” and its duration. There are many factors to discuss when it comes to this part of our intimate life. However, many of…
  • brothels-holiday-sex

    Holiday Sex Dates

    The idea of a “sex date” isn’t a new one, however, the term tends to be these days. For the most part, it simply refers to a date that two (or maybe more) people set…
  • brothels-fetish-party

    How to Find a Fetish Party

    So, you’ve finally decided that you want to come out and be public with your fetish. Perhaps you have already discussed your fetish with your partner – perhaps you have even acted it out! Maybe…
  • brothels-robot-sex

    Sex with Robots: Reality or Myth?

    Technology is evolving at a shockingly fast pace. Should it be a surprise that technology extended its tentacles into our biological functions? Probably not. It has been speculated for a long time now that in…
  • brothels-escorts-gay-man

    Escorts for Gay Men

    When you think of the gay community, you may not consider that gay male escorts are used that often. Most gay men can easily find sex on one of the many gay dating sites and…
  • brothels-escort-cost

    How Much Do Escorts Cost

    Prostitution is legal in many parts of Australia, and in many other countries all across the world, particularly in Europe. In general, escorts generally work as “freelancers” and therefore are free to charge their own rates.…
  • brothels-whips-sex

    Whips & Sex

    The act of whipping was originally associated with torture and punishment. Even today, there are countries where criminals are punished with lashes. Whips are also used in certain religious practices, often seen as a type…
  • brothels-sexy-time

    Sexy Time on the Internet

    Nowadays finding casual sex is easier than it ever was. You don’t have to get all dressed up and go out to a bar. In fact, you can even “order” it (so to speak) from…
  • brothels-outdoor-sex

    Discreet Outdoor Sex

    Having sex outdoors can be exciting and thrilling. However, this isn’t the only reason that people enjoy doing it. There is nothing like being outdoors, in nature and in the fresh air anyway. This is…
  • brothels-sex-in-public

    The Most Exciting Places for Sex in Public

    A lot of people are very turned on by the idea of having sex in public. At the same time, a lot of people are also scared of taking the step and actually doing it.…
  • brothels-mile-high-club

    Is the Mile High Club a Thing?

    The Mile High Club is one of the legends of sex. It has been talked about in all media and is frequently referenced in movies and television shows. The basic premise of it involves two…
  • brothels-sex-on-beach

    Guidelines for Sex on the Beach

    There are a lot of different places that you can have very satisfying sex in. It doesn’t have to be confined to the walls of your or anyone else’s bedroom. Some of these places do…
  • brothels-great-outdoors

    Don’t Get Caught in The Great Outdoors

    There is nothing like sex outside, especially during the summer. Unfortunately, having sex in public tends to be a criminal offense and therefore you have to be careful if you decide to do this. That…
  • brothels-kinkiest-country

    The Kinkiest Country

    What’s the kinkiest country? Well, that depends on a number of different factors: it depends on how open the general population is to sex in general, as well as how “repressed” it is. It is…
  • tops-bottoms-switch

    Understanding Tops, Bottoms & Switch

    BDSM is something that is surrounded with a lot of misconceptions. As a result, it is important to understand just what it means when it comes to the various “roles” that people can play. The…
  • explaining-bdsm-myths

    Explaining the BDSM Myths

    BDSM is not one single sexual/erotic practice: rather, it is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of different practices that people take part in for various reasons. Due to its generally erotic nature,…
  • polyamory-sex

    Polyamory and Sex

    Polyamory is a hot-button topic at the moment and one that has a lot of people confused and intrigued. The actual term “polyamory” simply refers to having more than one romantic partner: this can involve…
  • polyamory


    The world today operates fluidly, in all walks of life, from careers, sexuality and overall lifestyle choices. Younger people are less committed to many of the components bestowed upon by previous generations; values of marriage,…
  • brothels-swingers-things-to-remember

    Partner Swap: Things to Remember

    The idea of swapping partners (often referred to as “swinging”) is still something of a taboo for many people. Those who live in strictly monogamous relationships may even wonder as to whether such a practice…
  • brothels-male-bisexual

    Busting the Myths of the Bisexual Male

    Female bisexuality is spoken about a lot in the media: and you’ll also see it on television and in various other forms of broadcasting, simply because it is seen as cool or trendy. In fact,…
  • brothels-swinger-etiquette

    Swinger Party Etiquette

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced swinger, it is still important to have a working knowledge of swinger party etiquette. The is the same within every community, but when it comes to swingers…
  • brothels-heteroflexibility-gay-fantasy

    Indulging in Gay Fantasies

    There is a lot of talk about bisexuality in the media… and a lot of this tends to involve women and female sexuality. Very little seems to be said about the men who like to…
  • brothels-single-man-guide-swinger

    A Single Man’s Guide to Swinging

    Swinging is mainly seen as a couple’s events: single people are usually welcome however the favor tends to lean more towards single women than it does to men. This is usually because they are more…
  • brothels-heteroflexibility

    Heteroflexibility: What Exactly Is It?

    There are a lot of terms that are being thrown around nowadays when it comes to alternative sexualities or at least sexual desires that tend to differ from the mainstream in some way or form.…
  • brothels-swingers-beginners

    Swinging for Beginners

    Swinging is quite an old practice but it is still very popular today. A lot of couples enjoy the thrill and excitement of discovering another person’s body or maybe want to test the waters to…
  • brothels-one-night-stands

    The Benefits of One Night Stands

    The concept of the one-night stand isn’t that old, although the one night stand itself probably is. For many people, this usually involves going out to a bar or a club and “picking up” a…
  • brothels-embarrassing-sex-mishaps

    Embarrassing Sex Mishaps

    They’re the awkward, cringe-inducing moments that we can only look back and laugh on. And we do, because sex can be totally embarrassing in a plethora of ways. If you like to cringe, or need…
  • brothels-safe-outdoor-sex

    Safe Outdoor Sex

    What a rush outdoor sex is! Any time, anywhere, nothing beats it. For anybody who’s had it, the thrill of being caught heightens the sexual momentum, and is akin to an aphrodisiac. Outdoor sex is…
  • brothels-hooking-up-not-dating

    Hooking Up But Not Dating

    Lifestyles in today’s society are, whether we like it or not, extremely active and fast-paced. For singles, it’s hard to keep up with family and friends, while trying to balance work, study, or sometimes both.…
  • brothels-sex-conversation

    Is Sex an Acceptable Topic of Conversation

    In a world of Internet, social media, and various dating apps, sex has never been more of a common topic of conversation than it is now. Everywhere we look, from
  • blog erotic stimulation

    Fetish Talk – Erotic Stimulation aka E-Stim

    Erotic Stimulation aka E-Stim aka Electrosex according to Wikipedia is: “a sexual practice involving the application of electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body,
  • fetish-talk-financial-domination

    Fetish Talk – Financial Domination

    Pay piggies, cash piggies, human ATM, or money slave are some popular terms coined for the male or submissive to pay his dom/mistress or ‘financial female dominant’.
  • forced orgasms blog article

    Fetish Talk – Forced Orgasms

    Forced Orgasms is as much a fetish as any others are. It’s all in how you approach it with your partner, and whether or not you want to explore it. A forced orgasm is
  • sexual-fetishism-blog-post

    Fetish Talk – Sexual Fetishism

    Mostly everyone knows what a ‘fetish’ is, but how many do not know what Sexual Fetishism is? I’m sure there are some, so I’m here to help. I hope it helps
  • brothels-stealthing


    I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again…opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and I’m about to share my humble opinion with all of you!
  • safe ways to increase sex drive blog

    7 Safe Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive

    Life can get crazy and we all know it. Children, jobs, pets, stress, illness and working out can affect even those of us with good sex drives. Everyone gets in a slump
  • sexual fantasies of men blog

    Top 7 Sexual Fantasies of Men

    We all have sexual fantasies, no matter our age or gender. Because we are sexual beings, these fantasies tend to wander through our subconscious at different times in our lives.
  • supplements-to-last-longer-brothels-blog

    Supplements to Make You Last Longer

    Is there anything worse for men than not being able to last longer during sex? Nope, can’t come up with anything off hand. (insert sarcasm, there are always worse things!)
  • top-vintage-porn-stars-brothels-blog

    Top 5 Vintage Porn Stars

    There are literally hundreds even maybe thousands of vintage porn stars that can be searched for online and that is exactly what I did for you. I only have 5 listed here, but trust me
  • top-ginger-porn-stars

    Top 5 Ginger Porn Stars

    In other words, the top 5 red-headed porn stars. Apparently, it’s called Ginger Porn, thus the title. Who knew? So here I give you the list of the top Ginger Porn Stars that I could…
  • top 5 bbw porn stars

    Top 5 BBW Porn Actresses

    BBW-Big Beautiful Woman, is the name coined for chubbier, bigger, plumper ladies. Just because BBW’s are thicker than a lot of models or porn stars, doesn’t mean that they
  • top 4 asian brothels australia

    Top 4 Asian Brothels in Australia

    For many years, Asian Brothels down under have been scrutinized by bad press, citing human trafficking and child prostitution in some establishments. Mind you that not all
  • bachelor-lifestyle

    The Bachelor Lifestyle

    As a quick reminder to you, I am not a bachelor, so this is all about what I’ve learned from my single male friends and researching online. I personally have no experience in this
  • sugar babies and escorts

    Can Escorts and Sugar Babies be the Same?

    According to some people in society, Sugar Babies (SBs), are just the same as a prostitute. While some prostitutes may play the role of a sugar baby to their clients because
  • why dudes are obsessed with nutscaping

    Why Are Dudes Obsessed With Nutscaping?

    First, let me start off by telling you what I thought Nutscaping was, then we’ll get to the real meaning. So Nutscaping, in my 46 year old mind of a
  • brothels-sex-vs-love

    The Difference between having Sex Versus Making Love

    In 1987, Eddie Murphy released Raw, one of his greatest stand up comedy acts, and in the show he said it the best–”I fucked her, I make love to
  • brothels-cuckoo-cuckold

    Cuckoo for Cuckolds

    Peculiar tactics have resulted in some species’ effort to survive. They range from stalking prey, burrowing for protection and developing toxins.
  • brothels-erotic-hypnotism

    Erotic Hypnotism

    Erotic hypnotism is exactly what its name implies. It is hypnotism but without the intent of any mainstream curative or entertainment purposes. It’s more along
  • brothels-cuddle-parties

    Cuddle Party Anyone?

    Cuddling is on the rise! It’s fairly common place nowadays when scrolling through Tinder or other dating app profiles to see cuddling as an activity quite shamelessly promoted to
  • brothels-voyuerism-exhibitionism

    Voyeurism versus Exhibitionism

    Voyeurism and exhibitionism; the two go somewhat hand in hand. You can’t be playing exhibitor without an audience and vice versa. Which one of the two roles one wishes to
  • brothels-kama-sutra

    Why Kama Sutra Is So Amazing?

    The Kama Sutra is one of the most well known scripts to everyone no matter what language you speak or where you come from. It was written, they say,
  • brothels-furries

    What is a Furry?

    What is your spirit animal? Would you dress up like it and go to conventions? Would you lose yourself in a persona crafted specifically for that animal? I would and so would a lot of…
  • brothels-selling-your-virginity

    Selling Your Virginity

    Virginity, a blooming flower in the valley of purity and innocence. It’s the zenith of all that is coveted in sex, and everybody wants to perform the coup de grâce on it.
  • Brothels-Golden-Shower

    Golden Shower: A Warm Embrace

    If you aren’t living under a rock, then you probably have heard the term “Golden Shower” on the news lately or if you’re social media junkies like us, have seen it trending on Twitter and…
  • green-tea-bitch-brothels-blog

    What is a Green Tea Bitch?

    There is so much internet slang in the world that we laughed when we heard this one. Was it poking fun at “basic bitch”? (A basic bitch is a description of white women who are…
  • brothels-snuggle-buddies

    Snuggle Buddies, the New Girlfriend Experience?

    Here at, we first stumbled onto “snuggle buddies” while researching information for another topic. The article for the New York Post got us pondering
  • brothels-sex-therapy

    Why Have Sex Therapy to Up Your Game in the Bedroom

    Don’t let it pass through your mind as something daunting. I mean the very thought of consulting with a sex therapist can be nerve racking and even embarrassing at the best
  • professional-mistress-for-hire

    WHIPPED! Why Some of Us Like to Be Dominated

    From the French aristocrat Maquis de Sade to Fifty Shades of Grey, humans have been expressing themselves sexually through sadomasochistic play since time eternal.
  • brothels-hentai-anime-manga-babe

    What is Hentai?

    Maybe your love of anime started with Sailor Moon and maybe that love turned into a slight lust as you progressed from young tween into full blown manhood.
  • brothels-sex-escorts

    Brothels, Escorts, Massage Parlours, Oh My!

    Whether you’re new to the Land Down Under or a permanent resident, did you know that visiting a brothel in Australia is not a criminal offense? Unlike the stringent laws
  • brothels-blog-Brothels-Around-Me

    Finding Brothels Around Me On the Fly

    Having your go to brothel is always ideal, but chances are you’re not always in your usual stomping grounds when you get that urge to seek out some erotic entertainment.
  • Brothels-Blog-Sex-Robots-Brothels-Future

    Sex Robots in Future Brothels

    Imagine having sex with a robot who will cater to all of your sexual needs and desires. It may sound like a sci-fi movie plot but sophisticated sex robots are being developed
  • brothels-blog-BDSM-Beginners-Guide

    BDSM 101: A Beginner’s Guide

    In the Australian Society of today, BDSM could be described as a relatively little known and sometimes misunderstood practice. For this reason, we will attempt to shed
  • Brothels-Blog-Sex-World-Records-Broken

    The World Record that was made to be broken

    While records were being shattered at the 2016 Rio Olympics, somewhere in the world a different kind of world record awaits the day when it too will be toppled.
  • brothels-blog-male-g-spot-anal-stimulation

    The Male G-Spot – Anal Stimulation Tips and Tricks

    Having anal sex and heterosexual men aren’t normally associated together without a female in the equation. Society and popular culture suggests a false representation
  • brothels-blog-fitness-model-1

    ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Fitness Model Olympics 2016

    The Fitness Model. The New Queen of the Runway. Does a bikini proud and 100 metres in under 11 seconds. In the wake of Rio Olympic fever the fitness modelling craze
  • brothels-blog-gentleman-guide-eating-pussy-2

    A Gentleman Friendly Guide to Eating Raw

    Attention Gentleman of the South! The day you admit there is no time for beating around the bush when it comes to eating good pussy is the day you will join the elite. If you…
  • brothels-blog-michael-jackson-adelaide-2

    Don’t stop’til you get enough Adelaide

    “Don’t stop ’til you get enough” Adelaide! At a time when Adelaide the windy city is grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons, notably a rapid rise in complaints
  • brothels-blog-cracker-escorts-1

    Cracker Escorts: She’s a Cracker!

    What better time than the federal election week to dig up the origins of the granddaddy of all Aussie phrases “She’s a Cracker!” At one time generic to every household,
  • brothels-blog-gold-coast-bikini-model-case-1

    Sex, Drugs and Anthrax on the Gold Coast

    Sex, Drugs and Anthrax on the Gold Coast. A 34-year old Gold Coast Woman, Renee Elizabeth Tarbuck, recently dubbed “the meth dealing bikini model” and “Harriet Houdini”
  • brothels-blog-stroking-ego-alpha-male-1


    What is an Alpha male? The how, what, when and why of stroking the self-esteem boost? Regardless if you were the guy who got sand kicked in your face in nursery
  • brothels-blog-sydney-sexpo-2016

    SEXPO 2016 An Unlikely Tale of Potty Mouth and so on

    SEXPO2016, an unlikely tale of potty mouth and so on. If you haven’t turned establishment by 30 you may need a stiff concoction or a visit to your local establishment
  • brothels-blog-anal-sex-technique

    Anal Sex Technique to Make Your Partner Squirm

    Anal Sex – Everyone’s been talking about it. A lot of men and women have done it with two realisations. They either love it or they hate it. Period. For most men, anal sex sounds…
  • brothels-blog-sex-toys-for-easter

    Guide to Buying Her a Sex Toy This Holiday Season

    Buying a sex toy as a gift for your lady friend can be a bonding experience, as well as a way for you to give her an orgasm without even being in the room. When…
  • brothels-blog-drunk-sex-getting-it-on-under-the-influence

    Drunk Sex: Getting it on Under the Influence

    Alcohol can either be really good for sex, or absolutely awful. Sex while drunk can be hindered by a number of factors, including (but not limited to) impotence: a man’s inability
  • brothels-blog-sex-workers-for-disabled-clients

    Disability-Friendly Sex Workers in Australia

    When it comes to our lives, we often take for granted that we are physically and mentally healthy or healthy ‘enough’. We can walk, talk and make decisions for ourselves.
  • brothels-blog-the-most-common-sexual-fetishes

    The Most Common Sexual Fetishes

    Everyone has their sexual fetishes. By definition, a sexual fetish means experiencing an erotic response to non-genital body parts and objects. There are plenty of fixations