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Top 5 International Porn Stars for 2020

It can often seem as though porn stars come and go in the blink of an eye, with there being constant battles to become the top performers of any given year. While there has always been somewhat of a preference for younger stars, it hasn’t meant that more established performers aren’t still loved. Instead, there are a few of them that the porn-viewing audience still loves to watch. It can, however, still be quite difficult…

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How To Have a Love life After Sex Work

As a student, I worked as an escort and a life model for artists. Sex work was something I’d always known I would do at some point. I’d worked in bars for years, I’d cleaned houses, sometimes up to 4 houses a day. I’d thought about prostitution since I went to Amsterdam as an 11 year old and through my child’s eyes, these women were glamorous and mysterious. As I got older I mentally toyed…

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8 Australian Erotic Movies

Top Australian Erotic Movies There’s a slight distinction between erotica and porn, although it’s understandable that to some people: it really serves a single purpose and that is to trigger arousal. However, with the latter, you have to take into consideration the artistic merit as well. With that said, below are eight Australian erotic movies that you might want to check out. Sleeping Beauty (2011) It’s the first time that Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) had…

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Famous Australian Women Who’ve Appeared Nude in Movies

Australian Woman Nude There are Australian women nude celebrities who have crossed over to Hollywood and onto the global stage, the most famous perhaps is Nicole Kidman. You know Aussies have never had a problem with nudity, unlike their American counterparts who seem to be prudish when it comes to sex and the state of undress.

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Top 5 Ginger Porn Stars

In other words, the top 5 red-headed porn stars. Apparently, it’s called Ginger Porn, thus the title. Who knew? So here I give you the list of the top Ginger Porn Stars that I could find, some are

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Top 5 BBW Porn Actresses

BBW-Big Beautiful Woman, is the name coined for chubbier, bigger, plumper ladies. Just because BBW’s are thicker than a lot of models or porn stars, doesn’t mean that they

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Top 12 Most Luxurious Brothels in the World

With prostitution being legal in different countries, new forms of adult entertainment have begun to flourish. Houses of prostitution have long existed since the 19th century, but this modern time calls for extravagantly decorated brothels built to satiate and fulfil the erotic fantasies and physical desires of the elite and the privileged clientele. For those in the hunt for the finest brothel which provides the best when it comes to service, facilities, ladies and sensual…

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Casino Royale Escorts

You are a man who knows what he’s after. You’ve got refined taste. You’re dignified and you’ve got high standards. You aspire to the finest things in life, and you refuse to settle for less. For you not just any woman will do. Only a woman of breathtaking beauty, poise, refinement, and sincere savage passion will do for you. Look no further… You’ll find her at Casino Royale Escorts.  

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