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Danika Deep Transgender Escort of the Year 2019

Danika Deep, the Winner of Best Transgender Escort of 2019 at the inaugural X Awards, is more than meets the eye. Intelligent, sexy and beautiful, it’s no wonder that Danika Deep is so popular. We were lucky enough to be able to interview transgender escort Dakica Deep for a series on the winners of the XAwards.

Q: Danika Deep, lovely to meet you. You’ve written in your bio that you’re country-born and raised. Tell us a little about yourself and where you grew up?

A : I grew up just down the road from Canberra in a population centre that I’m sure most people will be somewhat familiar with, Wagga Wagga. Although I lived in the town I had plenty of friends ( especially in primary school) that lived on properties and so I was lucky enough to spend quite a lot of my childhood playing around on farms, in the bush and up in the mountains for which I am eternally grateful for as it gave me a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Also, with Wagga being “the city of good sports” there was an onus on getting involved in the plethora of sports being played and I certainly didn’t complain playing everything from soccer, netball and cricket through to rugby league and touch football. This active lifestyle served to give me a solid appreciation for physical fitness and health which has carried on throughout my life and which serves me very well and I am very much thankful for these days.

Q: If it is not too forward, can we ask how you identify sexually outside of sex work?

A: I have always been inclined to describe my sexuality as fluid, not having a permanent preference for any particular gender. There have been periods in my life in which I have been more attracted to women, other times, men, and other times again, transgendered women. At any given time I’m pretty open to engagements with anyone really. I think the most important factors for me are connection, chemistry, and sharing aligning sexual interests. The way I see it is that being able to enjoy connections with a wide array of individuals allows one to enjoy many diverse pathways to pleasure and fulfilment.

Q: At what age did you begin to recognise your femininity and act upon it?

A: “I recall that at around the age of four or five I was rifling through bags of my older sisters’ clothes that were destined for Vinnies so I could find the dresses and such, of which I would take back to my room in the early hours of the morning to wear and enjoy. At this stage, I had absolutely no idea as to why I did this other than it seemed a rather enjoyable thing to do. This carried on throughout my youth and began to become more prevalent in my life, although, given that era in time and my location, there were no resources available to me, or none that I was aware of in any case. Add to this, there was next to no trans representation in the media and hence nothing I could identify with that would help me begin asking the questions to possibly begin explaining or understanding my behaviour.

Q: We are interested in how living in the country impacted this – small towns can be very conservative and gossipy. What were your personal experiences?

A: “When I look back, I cannot find much to complain about when growing up in Wagga Wagga. Although I had these urges, they weren’t so powerful as to impact my life too much at that stage. Essentially I just thought it was a weird compulsion that I had and given the hyper-masculine particularly homophobic culture that was prevalent in Wagga Wagga at the time, I just kept everything to myself behind closed doors.

The impact of this would come a little later as I built up quite a popular masculine persona while at school; I played plenty of sports, engaged with everyone in our year, I dated girls and was quite sexually active (in a Male+Female straight context). This didn’t seem to be a compromise for me (at that stage I still wasn’t aware that there were any other options insofar as expressing my, at this stage, closet interests), I actually enjoyed pretty much every minute of it.

The result was, however, that I’d defined myself in a very masculine way and I had it in my head that this is how everyone I knew perceived me and hence I felt as though I had an obligation to maintain that image. It became quite apparent in my early 20’s (when I’d started letting dribs and drabs of the more secretive side of my life out into the public sphere) that this wasn’t the case at all as everyone just wanted the best for me and were more inclined to celebrate my “peculiarities”.

It was still several years after my peers and family had accepted my “new” persona that I was able to let go of my ego and move forward…”

Q: Another personal question, but we know readers will be interested (especially other people looking to follow your path) may we ask, when did you begin your hormone therapy and how has it changed your life?

A: “I began my hormone therapy in Jan 2018 and immediately felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. Prior to, I had been happy enough for years “sitting on the fence”, although, as I moved towards my thirties I felt as though I was a boat without a rudder. In my masculine persona, day to day life was ok but I had this deep sense of frustration as I had no ambition, I felt like I was just surviving, making it from one day to the next with no real direction. My feminine persona, on the other hand, had hopes and dreams, a bucket list and plenty of ambition, the issue was I couldn’t throw myself entirely into these endeavours while living a half-life.

The day I began my hormone therapy was rather non-descript, I went and saw my GP, after getting clearance from my psych (sic), to get a script for my HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). After filling the script at the closest pharmacy I found myself a bottle of water and downed the first dose. Immediately I felt better, a level of clarity had been reached, I shed an ego that I no longer needed or relied upon and which was ultimately inhibiting me.

Move forward six months, I had moved to Canberra and re-entered the adult industry after a two-year hiatus. I was feeling the most content I had ever felt with some exciting prospects on the horizon.

Move forward again, this time to the present, and I have started achieving some of the goals I had set out for myself as well as laying the foundations for others. Ultimately and most importantly, my levels of happiness and contentment are still riding high.

Essentially, and I say this without any exaggeration, beginning hormone therapy was one of the best decisions in my life!”

Q: Danika Deep, your origins lay in BDSM. What was your first experience practising fetish?

A: “The first time that I was involved in a fetish scenario within a professional context was when I was about eighteen or nineteen years old, down in Melbourne at a trans-brothel. I was on holiday from my studies, and given my newly found autonomy and anonymity derived from living in Melbourne, I decided to spend the last week of my holidays at this establishment. The owner knew that I had been playing around with a Mistress and had an interest in BDSM so when a client came in requesting a basic tie-and-tease scenario, I was thrown into the hot seat. It was all pretty basic, I just bound my plaything to all four corners of the bed, blindfolded, and provided various sensory input before bringing him to climax. It was exciting being my first opportunity to put into play some of what I’d spent most of my teen years researching but it was all very tame.

Although that was technically my first experience, there was another that I would rate as more profound and ultimately had a much larger impact upon the direction my life was to take.

A few months after my Melbourne experience, I found myself in Sydney for a shoulder reconstruction. The evening before, I visited a Mistress of whom I’d been communicating with for some time and who had acted as a mentor to me. It was our first time meeting and we hit it off immediately, so much so that she included me in a professional engagement she held that night. I was to play the part of her alpha sub, a bratty, seductive yet coquettish schoolgirl, bound but with a little more freedom and stature than the beta sub (the client). There was plenty of teasing and seduction on my behalf as well as some severe punishments administered to the two of us, myself copping some of the worst of it for the sake of providing extra visual stimulation to the client.

It was a delightful experience and (due to the fact I was unable to work my regular job for months after my surgery) I ended up becoming the live-in slave in that dungeon and began to learn the ropes of practising BDSM within a professional context.”

Q: You mention you “have found (yourself) living and loving the realm of vanilla sensual erotic experience more and more.” What does this mean for you and your clients?

A: “Basically, throughout my twenties, my interest in BDSM and fetish type engagements was paramount. I was so driven by experimentation and pushing boundaries, thriving on the more extreme sides of my sexuality that I did not have much if any, space for the more sensual side of myself. It didn’t even really register.

After my two year hiatus and commencement of my HRT, I found my interest in the extreme began to wane and my interest in softer, more sensual connections began to bloom. This tends to mean that I offer much more in the way of vanilla escorting/companion style services as opposed to my fetish and Domination services. I still do provide various fetish and Domme services although to a more mild degree. Essentially, I have geared my business towards providing romantic and PSE type engagements to those wishing to experience and explore the wonderfully diverse and intoxicating world of sexual intimacy with a trans woman.

Q: Speaking of clients, Danika Deep, how have you worked to build your client base?

A: “After having moved to Canberra and re-entering the industry I managed to maintain a number of my fetish clients both here in Canberra (as it was formally a regular tour destination) and in Sydney, which was beneficial let alone endearing.

The movement from a predominantly fetish-service based business to the new, more vanilla image meant two things; that I had access to a new market, but I also needed to build my brand and following almost entirely from scratch. This I rather enjoyed as it was kind of a transition from my old self to my new which paralleled my gender transition.

Initially, I began to advertise on various adult service provider websites, trying out various platforms to find what best served to connect me with those that my services appeal to.

Mid last year (2019), the owner of a particular site suggested I get involved with Twitter. It was a slow beginning as I had never used the platform and had no idea what I was doing initially, but as I refined my approach I found that it could be quite beneficial on a number of fronts.

Giving my audience a more intimate look into my life, and hence my personality works to add depth to the image that one may see in an advertisement. I have had numerous clients in the last six months (more and more as the time goes by) that state when making a booking, that it was my twitter profile that convinced them to see me. For it was through my Twitter feed that they were able to garner a true idea of my personality which, they ultimately thought was appealing.

For one that has always been a little resentful of social media, I truly believe it is the way forward within this industry.

As for maintaining clientele, well, I suppose this has a lot to do with my work ethic and my commitment to customer service. I have always taken a great deal of satisfaction from providing the best service possible, in any of the service-based jobs I’ve worked in my life. Providing an experience to someone that goes above and beyond, that leaves the client glowing gives oneself a very nice feeling inside. Essentially, I put my all into my engagements, only working when I am able to give my best so that every time a client sees me they are having the best experience possible. Of course, there are exceptions, as on the occasion I may have an off day, but essentially this is the ethos I work by and I believe it is appreciated by my clientele as it means they can expect consistent quality service when seeing me.”

Q: Regarding your escort work, can we ask what are your most popular services?

A: “As for my most popular service, I must say that my GFE (GirlFriend Experience) is by far my most popular single service these days. It is a warm, sensual engagement that aims to emulate the romanticism and playfulness of a new adventurous couple, all with a sexy, unique trans twist of course. This is particularly popular amongst those that are exploring and are new to experiencing intimacy with a trans-gendered woman.

My PSE (Porn Star Experience) is also a rather popular service although more so in the larger cities than here in Canberra. It is a much more intense, lust-driven experience making use of my particularly adept deepthroat skills, my rather robust and capable butt and my inherent desire to push limits.

As far as my fetish services go, there are two that stand out as most popular these days. The first is a sexual Domination/servitude type scenario. Essentially I take control of the situation using my partner as a vessel for my pleasure via several forms. This generally involves bondage, ass smothering, foot worship, physical domination (me using my strength to control the other) verbal humiliation and so on.

The other fetish service that is quite highly sought after is my heavy anal/fisting session. I have a rather vast amount of experience and have some amazing reviews posted online regarding this service all of which I put down to the fact that it has been a major passion throughout my life and hence I am incredibly adept.”

Q: What advice would you give someone looking to enter the escorting industry as a trans person?

A: “I guess there are a couple of different avenues available to someone wishing to get involved in the industry, as for what is right for the individual it would depend on circumstance. One option is working in a brothel/parlour. This can be beneficial if you are new to the industry and do not have a place to work from or much in the way of capital with which to set yourself up. You may also learn the basics of how to conduct an appointment, from health checks through to managing your time.

If one was to enter the industry as a private provider, there is a lot that needs to be learned prior to commencing work, such as your local laws, safety protocols, safer sex practices/universal infection control, potential advertising avenues and such.

Getting involved with Twitter, following other industry professionals and seeking out sex worker relevant resources is something I would highly recommend in this day and age. There is plenty of information and a great positive professional community on this platform, it may take some time to discover but it will be beneficial in the long run so it is well worth doing initially.

There are also various sex worker specific resources and organizations specific to each state or territory within Australia. I would highly recommend getting in touch with that which is most relevant to you as they may be able to help you in initiating your business in the best possible way for your location. Because the laws regarding sex work differ so much depending on which state or territory you reside in, I ‘d say this is of the utmost importance. The support, links and information provided by SWOP’s (the Sex Workers Outreach Project) are invaluable to anyone looking to start out as a trans escort.”

Thank you so much Dannika Deep, for your time and such in-depth answers, we have thoroughly enjoyed the experience in getting to know you and your story a little better and understanding what makes award-winning, transgender escort Danica Deep, tick.

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