manage your money working as an escort

How to manage your money as a sex worker or escort

Working as a sex worker can mean that you are surrounded by cash. This makes living in a world where we no longer pay for a lot of things in cash, (think uber eats) a little difficult. How do we track our earnings and save accordingly for our future? This article focuses on ways to manage your money when working in the adult services industry? Step 1: Sort out your old finances! When was the…

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What it is like to be an escort

What It’s Like To Work As An Escort

What It’s Really Like To Be An Escort And Some Common Misconceptions About Sex Work Now that sex work is becoming increasingly legal, including here in Australia, as well as a more regular part of public conversation, many people are wondering what it’s actually like to be an escort. Escorts may work from brothels, through an agency or as an independent private sex worker. In order to help reduce the stigma, we’ve compiled information from…

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How to become an escort in Australia

How To Become An Escort in Australia

Choosing to become an escort has become somewhat less taboo than it has been in the past. This is especially true in Australia, where sex work has been legal or at least decriminalised for quite some time, except in Adelaide, South Australia where sex work is still officially illegal. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s an easy career path to enter. Hey, if it was easy, everyone could make the big dollars that sex workers…

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sex work as an escort

How To Have a Love life After Sex Work

As a student, I worked as an escort and a life model for artists. Sex work was something I’d always known I would do at some point. I’d worked in bars for years, I’d cleaned houses, sometimes up to 4 houses a day. I’d thought about prostitution since I went to Amsterdam as an 11 year old and through my child’s eyes, these women were glamorous and mysterious. As I got older I mentally toyed…

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