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Choosing to become an escort has become somewhat less taboo than it has been in the past. This is especially true in Australia, where sex work has been legal or at least decriminalised for quite some time, except in Adelaide, South Australia where sex work is still officially illegal. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s an easy career path to enter. Hey, if it was easy, everyone could make the big dollars that sex workers can earn.

While becoming an escort in Australia may seem like it will be an simple profession to enter into. It’s important to note that this is a tricky field of work and the decision to become a sex worker shouldn’t be taken lightly. Instead, there are a variety of things that you’ll need to keep in mind to make an informed decision.

Though some of these points might seem relatively obvious, there is a variety of them that may be somewhat surprising. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not vital. This is especially the case if you’re planning on being successful in the profession and regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.

Escort Support, Advocacy and Resources

Naturally, health and safety will be a large priority, with there being quite a substantial number of organizations that can advise you on this. Some of the more prominent of these are SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Programme) and Scarlett Alliance, both of which also offer sex worker advocacy, educational courses and resources.

These sex work resources include:


Scarlet Alliance provides training and health promotion workshops to all sectors of the community and the sex industry.

Events and Workshops

Peer to peer sharing of the adult industry and community knowledge, experience and skills is the foundation of the Australian sex worker community.

Fact Sheets

These include topics like brothel management and sexual health.

Legal Resources

Get legal information such as the Sex Industry Legal Kit,  An introduction for sex industry workers, Getting approval to run a sex services premises, Legal information for massage work, and many more.

Know Local Laws

While sex work is generally considered legal in Australia, this doesn’t mean that it’s the case everywhere. For example, it’s currently illegal to be an escort in Adelaide, South Australia. Alongside this, some areas might have restriction in place.

These can vary drastically from one place to another, such as placing limits on operating hours, health and safety, and much more. This should mean that you’ll need to brush up on what your local laws say.

Independent Or Agency Escort?

All escorts in Australia are either independent or with an agency. There are pros and cons to both of these, which is why they’re worth considering. Naturally, joining an agency might be a much better approach when you’re first starting out.

Pros: Working Through An Escort Agency

Client Checks

Escort agencies will generally vet the client before you go to a booking ensuring he is who he says he is.


Clients are clear about what they are paying and what is expected, and less likely to try to haggle or not pay if an agency is involved.

Driver and Security

Agencies, on the whole, employ a drive to take girls to and from bookings, offering another level of security. Escorts then call the driver or the agency to let them know they are safe.


Sometimes escort work is challenging and good escort agencies offer understanding support. They are often run by former workers, who can relate to the issues. It is probably best for a newbie to start with an agencies to “learn the ropes”. Loyal workers will often stay with the agency longer term, because of the support.

Marketing and Advertising

Escorts working from agencies don’t have to do much marketing to get the client bookings in the first place. Many agencies have a large number of regular clients, so there is generally work for all the women or men on that night. Escorts in agencies don’t need to build websites or manage social media profiles to get work.


When escorts work together from an agency they often work with a number of other escorts, who all understand the occupation and its idiosyncrasies.

Pros: Working As An Independent Escort


This is the primary plus because when you work as a private escort, any money you make is yours. Escort agencies can take a large percentage, to pay for the driver, advertising, premises and other expenses.

Be Your Own Boss

Working privately, you don’t have to answer to anyone and you can work as much or as little as you want to. You also have the choice to refuse certain clients for whatever reason.

Less Competiton

If you are independent you don’t have to compete for clients with other escorts. If someone calls up for you, they will get you.

More Control Over Your Advertising

You can advertise when and how you want to, because you can choose your photographer, build your own website and develop your social media profile the way you want to.

While you might have to give up a certain amount of your profits (sometimes 50%), you’ll receive advice, help, support, and much more in return. As a result, it could be a much more effective way of becoming an escort in Australia, when getting started. More experienced and savvy sex workers may prefer to work privately.

How To Market Yourself

Regardless of whether you’re independent or with an agency, every escort will need to market themselves. This can be quite difficult to though, although there are the obvious avenues of social media, among other areas.

A Working Name

Most escorts don’t use their real names for privacy reasons. You’ll may want to choose a name that is sexy but not immediately obvious as a sex workers name. Have fun when deciding. Remember that you will become known as this professionally, so choose something that you love.

Escort Website

Independent escorts will need a beautifully designed, well ranking and mobile optimised website. Make sure that you have an 18 or over banner that pops up if you have naughty photos you don’t want the kiddies to see.

Professional Escort Photography

To put your best self forward, or that of the agency, escorts need high quality, professional photography. The better you look in the images, the more clients and more money you can ask for bookings. A photographer should be clear about pricing, your rights to use the images, as well as any retouching/photoshop required you want, as long as it is still representative of the escort (most escorts value their privacy, so blurring or obscuring faces is common practice). It’s important to get the photographer to give you access to the digital files of the images you can use online. The print resolution is generally not needed as print advertising is expensive and not very effective anymore. If you need referrals, get in touch with us, and we can find a photographer who specialises in this area. Alternatively, Sydney Glamour Photography is a great choice.

"Brooklyn De Luca" by Sydney Glamour Photography

“Brooklyn De Luca” by Sydney Glamour Photography


So many escort websites have great images, fast, beautiful websites, but the words on the page are lacklustre and don’t sell the services and quality of the courtesan. Grammar, spelling and language are things that the higher end of the market notice, as might cost you a booking. It’s really important to employ a writer who understands how to write for search engines, so your site can be found. The copy also needs to really paint a picture of the escort in the mind of the potential client. Copywriters can also write headlines for advertising so your ads stand out.


My playmate escort directory

My playmate escort directory

You’ll need to work out where you future punters look for their escorts. Most of them type in what they want into Google, which is why listing with a high ranking directory, such as and is a good bet. You are more likely to be found on a directory that is selective about listings, ranks on the first page of Google and shows you in your best light. Price-wise, you need to weigh up the cost of the ads, versus how effective they are in attracting the best clientele. Your online ads should ideally link to your website, or have an escort profile page that allows multiple images and a long description of your services.

Social Media For Escorts

It is tricky to negotiate social media marketing for the sex industry. Instagram, for example, doesn’t allow the advertising of sexual services at all. If you do it, you face waking up one morning with a deleted profile that you have carefully cultivated over time. Use social media instead, as a gallery of images of yourself, but don’t put any information about your services or pricing, as that will get your banned, guaranteed. If you need help in this area, can assist you with social media marketing advice.

Ask Yourself A Few Questions

Alongside all of the above, you’ll want to ask yourself a few other questions. This is mainly because you’ll want to have them answered before becoming an escort in Australia. Determining the answers to some might be more straightforward than others.

However, you should still have each of them answered before starting any kind of career in sex work. Some of the more notable of these are:

Incall Or Outcall

This could be one of the more important things that you’ll have to consider. While some escorts do both, many do one or the other. Incall escorts will invite people to their home or apartment, while outcall ones will go visit their clients. Both have pros and cons.


Determining a schedule can be quite difficult, especially when you first start. While an agency can help you with this, it’s still something that you’ll have to put a significant amount of thought into.

Services That You’ll Provide

Naturally, exactly what services you’ll offer is the largest thing to consider, especially when putting together a price. There’s quite a large variety of services that you can offer, so it’s worth sitting down and seeing what other escorts offer and if you’ll be comfortable with them. You’ll want to get to know terms referring to the different services that escorts provide such as kissing, anal sex, girl on girl, male male female, spanking, porn star experience, girlfriend experience and more.

By making sure that these are answered, you’ll be able to set boundaries with your clients while also having a work/life balance. As such, you should spend a significant amount of time considering them.

Last Thoughts About Becoming An Escort

Despite what you might be thinking based on all of the above, becoming an escort in Australia doesn’t have to be overly difficult. However, you’ll still have to make sure that you’re safe and informed before you make any decisions.

Health and safety will be a priority in the majority of roles, although this is especially true for sex workers. As such, you should have as much information in your hands before starting in the profession.

Though this might scare off some people, it doesn’t have to. In contrast to many other countries, sex work in Australia is much safer than you might believe. While you’ll still have to long after certain areas, it shouldn’t be as dangerous as you might think.

You do need to look at your motives for entering the industry and whether you have to stability as a person to do the work. Not every client looks like Richard Gere. You may see overweight, disabled and elderly clients, and sex is definitely something escorts do. If you are lucky you can build a solid clientele of regulars, who see you for longer bookings and pay well and regularly.

As such, you should be able to have a deeply rewarding experience while you’re working in the industry. However, this will only be the case if you have all of the above in mind and know what you’re doing.

Though it’s a significant time investment upfront, this will reap dividends in the long-term.

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