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Strip clubs have been popular for as long as anybody can remember. While this has been true across the world, it’s especially the case in strip clubs in Melbourne. However, this ever-increasing popularity does come with a few drawbacks.

Perhaps the most notable is that there can be an overwhelming number of choices on offer. As entertaining as it might be to visit all of the strip clubs in Melbourne, this wouldn’t be feasible. This shouldn’t have to mean that you should have to settle for a low-quality option, though.

Instead, there are a few specific places that could be seen as the best strip clubs in Melbourne. While some may already be well-known, there are a few that you might find surprising.

Here Are Our Favourite Strip Clubs in Melbourne

1. Goldfingers Men’s Club

Goldfingers Men’s Club is one of the more well-known strip clubs in Melbourne. There are quite a few reasons for this. The largest is that it features some of the finest showgirls in the country in a classy setting.

Because of this, it’s been awarded a significant amount of praise. For example, it was named on an survey focused on the best table top dancing venues in the world. Coming in sixth, it was the only Australian venue to make it onto the list.

584 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000 | (03) 9670 9457

2. Kittens

kitten strip club in melbourne

Kittens Strip Club in Melbourne

Kittens actually refers to two separate locations, although these operate almost exactly the same. As a result, you should be able to expect the same service in both the South East Melbourne and South Melbourne Market.

There are also quite an extensive number of things to keep you entertained, such as the Kittens Party Bus, which has become quite popular in recent years. Alongside this is the Kittens Strip School if you want to take a few classes.

68 Cecil St, South Melbourne VIC 3205 | (03) 9696 9666

3. Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club

Spearmint Rhino Strip Club in Melbourne

Spearmint Rhino Strip Club in Melbourne

The Spearmint Rhino has become world-famous by this point. By having a look inside, it should be quite easy to see why. Featuring some of the classiest and sexiest women in the country, there’s no shortage of eye candy on offer.

This is one of the more high-end clubs that you can visit and typically has a high dancer turnover. As a result, you should expect a new dancer on the stage pretty regularly.

14 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000 | (03) 9629 2300

4. Dreams Gentlemen’s Club

Dreams Strip Club Melbourne

Dreams Strip Club Melbourne

While Dreams has been in operation for over a decade, it has changed hands during that time. Despite this, it continues to boast quite a large amount of popularity. There are a few notable reasons for this.

Perhaps the most notable of these came after new owners bought Dreams Gentlemen’s Club. This prompted a renovation, which has given the venue a much more modern look while also giving it a boutique feel.

1 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000 | (03) 9614 3110

5. The Men’s Gallery

Mens Gallery Showgirls Melbourne

Mens Gallery Showgirls Melbourne

Strip clubs around the world have often tried to boast that they’ve got the “world’s greatest showgirls.” However, this is rarely the case. One that could actually lay claim to this title, though, is The Men’s Gallery, which hosts the annual Showgirl World Championships.

This standard also applies to everything else in the venue, so you should expect everything else to be quite high-quality.

601 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000 |  (03) 9670 0331

6. Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club

Maxines Gentlemens Club Sydney Road Brunswick

Maxines Gentlemens Club Sydney Road Brunswick

There’s been quite a large number of strip clubs that have tried merging it with dining. However, these strip club/restaurant hybrids rarely ever do well. Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club is one of the few exceptions.

Based in Brunswick, the venue has become surprisingly well-known for its lunches, as well as some late afternoon entertainment.

676 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056 | (03) 9383 6966

7. Centrefold Lounge

Centrefold Lounge Strip Club

Centrefold Lounge Strip Club

Centrefold Lounge is perhaps the most well-known strip club in Melbourne, with a lot of this being because of its size. Since being established, it’s received quite a significant number of awards, and it should be quite easy to see why.

Split across five levels, the Centrefold Lounge boasts five bars, a mezzanine floor, and quite an extensive amount of entertainment. As a result, you’ll be blinded with excitement with what’s on offer.

22 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000 | Opens 8PM | (03) 9620 5077

8. Showgirls Bar 20

Bar 20 Strippers in Melbourne

Bar 20 Strippers in Melbourne

Showgirls Bar 20 has been popular for quite some time. While it was closed for a brief period, it reopened in late 2019, with clients coming back in droves. As a result, it continues to be quite a well-respected strip club on King Street.

Given its relatively easy to get to a location, the popularity of Showgirls Bar 20 shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Alongside this has been its overall décor, with this being one of the higher-end strip clubs in Melbourne.

195 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000 | (03) 8740 0169

9. The Boardroom Of Melbourne

The Boardroom Melbourne

The Boardroom Melbourne

The Boardroom of Melbourne offers almost everything you could want, with this going further than many of the other options. As a result, it could be recommended if you’re looking for a slightly more hands-on approach. Discretion is practically assured for its clientele, as it features an alternate door that isn’t too visible for the general public. This could make it an option if you’re looking to keep things quiet.

Call the Boardroom on (03) 9699 1711

Finding the best strip clubs in Melbourne may often seem like a difficult task. While there’s an extensive number of choices on offer, trying any of the above comes well-recommended; it could even be worth visiting a few of them. No matter what factors you think are the most important when looking for a strip club, each of the above should tick off everything on your list. Since they all have a unique style, you shouldn’t have much of a problem picking between them. While picking the best strip clubs in Melbourne may be partly based on personal preference, the majority of people should agree on almost all of the above. And lastly, if you are feeling a bit worked up after visiting your favourite gentlemen’s club, you can find a comprehensive list of brothels in Melbourne or if you prefer, massage parlours to relieve your stress, in our directory…enjoy yourself.

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