Sexsomnia – Risk Factors and Treatments

Sexsomnia Sexsomnia is better known as “sleep sex” and is part of the category of sleep disorders known as “parasomnias”. If you’ve ever had to deal with this, you know that it can cause depression and shame in individuals. Considering that it’s an actual medical condition, however, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed if you’re humping your wife during sleep. For those who are not in a committed relationship, the burden is very heavy, but they shouldn’t…

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I Don’t Like My Daughter’s Boyfriend: What Do I Do?

Daughters Boyfriend First off, take a deep breath and exhale: you’re neither the first nor the last parent to have a pathological hate for your girl’s boyfriend. The question that you should ask yourself is “Is my dislike justified?” That’s the very first step in understanding why you just can’t shake the feeling that he’s a bum and he’ll hurt your precious daughter. There are other things you can do, too, in order to come…

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