Friends with Benefits

Rules You Shouldn’t Break As Friends with Benefits

Having a friend with benefits can be an amazing experience. The old “booty call”, as they call it, has gotten many of us out of what could have been awful dry spells. If you’ve just entered a relationship of this sort, though, you might not know there are certain lines you shouldn’t cross if you want to have a friend with benefits for as long as possible. In the following, we’ll show you a couple…

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The Bigger, The Better: True or False?

Bigger is Better? This is possibly the trickiest question in the history of mankind, apart from. “Were aliens involved in building the pyramids?” There seems to be no common ground on whether a bigger penis is better than a small one or if it’s really all about technique. As much as we love porn, we can’t help but notice that you seldom see a guy that’s not well-endowed in there. For men, the question of…

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