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Having a friend with benefits can be an amazing experience. The old “booty call”, as they call it, has gotten many of us out of what could have been awful dry spells.

If you’ve just entered a relationship of this sort, though, you might not know there are certain lines you shouldn’t cross if you want to have a friend with benefits for as long as possible.

In the following, we’ll show you a couple of things you should respect religiously in order to make this kind of relationship work optimally.

  1. Don’t Do “Couple” Things

Friends with benefits should get together, go at it and that’s about it. If you’re suddenly feeling the urge to ask her out to dinner or the movie theatre to get to know her better and spend time together – you might have feelings for her.

You’ve probably established that this relationship between the two of you will be limited to having sex whenever you both want and whenever is possible. If you want more than a booty call in your life, you should have a conversation about it.

  1. Don’t Start To Feel Jealous

Again, in this case, there’s something moving deep inside of you and it’s probably love, but that wasn’t the purpose of your relationship, was it? If she goes out with somebody else, why would you care, as long as she’s sleeping with you, too, anyway? As long as you always wear protection then all good if you’re sharing her. There are chances that if this bothers you, you want more than having casual, no-strings-attached sex. Nothing wrong with that, but she might not feel the same way so talk it out.

  1. Don’t Have Any Deep Conversations

The less you know about each other, the better – but this doesn’t apply in all cases. Some friends with benefits tell each other everything because they are first and foremost best friends, but again, this might end up with one or both parties involved being hurt.

  1. Don’t Start Any Drama 

Did she find somebody before you did? You should feel happy for her. Don’t start feeling sorry for yourself – wasn’t the pact saying that when one of you finds somebody, the FWB deal is off the table? When you’re in a friends-with-benefits situation, it will eventually become extremely difficult to separate your feelings from the fact that you’re having casual, transient, temporary sex with somebody. This is how these things often go. Learn to let go.

Concluding Remarks

When you’re able to call somebody and say “Hey, I wanna do it now”, you’re one of the luckiest dudes alive. However, you should know that these things often end up with one or both parties falling for each other. In some circumstances, you can lose a valuable friend. Be extremely careful and play by the rules. One crucial thing when it comes to this type of relationship is to know when to end it properly, without hurting anyone. Regularly have conversations to ensure you both are on the same page.

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