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Bigger is Better?

This is possibly the trickiest question in the history of mankind, apart from. “Were aliens involved in building the pyramids?” There seems to be no common ground on whether a bigger penis is better than a small one or if it’s really all about technique. As much as we love porn, we can’t help but notice that you seldom see a guy that’s not well-endowed in there. For men, the question of whether or not they have satisfying penises can be nerve-wracking and depressing as a consequence.

But does it really matter if it’s big or small or does it all boil down to a woman’s personal preference? Let’s try to find a plausible answer to this.

A Big Penis – Both a Blessing And a Curse

Believe it or not, the vast majority of women worldwide experience pain if the penises of their partners are too big. Not all of them, but more than half. If you go on a hub for women, you’ll see that many agree they prefer an average penis. The length of the average penis is about 5 inches (12.7 centimeters). That’s all they need to feel optimally satisfied. However, even though we might burst some men’s bubbles, it can be totally possible to have a penis that is either too small or too big.

An 8” penis, for instance, can be considered too big. A 4” one can qualify as too small. What many women in this day and age believe is that the girth is considerably more important than the length of the penis. An 8” penis will definitely cause some sort of discomfort at some point or another during intercourse, especially if the women is tighter than usual. A 4” penis will not cause any discomfort, but if “misused”, it might not cause an optimal arousal either. The truth is that the Internet and the prevalence of porn movies have made men extremely insecure about their penises, but here’s the inside scoop: as a woman, I subscribe to the idea that you don’t have to possess an 8” rod to pleasure a lady. There is so much more to pleasing a woman than just going in and out of her.

So, Is Bigger Better?

For some women, yes, that might just be the case but you shouldn’t sweat it. It’s less likely that the women who are not porn stars won’t be satisfied by an average penis. I, for one, think that the size doesn’t matter as long as the man knows his way around a vagina.


For a woman, I tend to think that confidence, skill, and tenderness are much more important than the size of the boyfriend’s apparatus. It’s true that I can’t talk for all women on the globe, but something tells me they’d agree with me in a heartbeat. The secret is that men are more worried about their penises than their women and there’s no good reason for them to be so, especially when they satisfy their partners and were never told to consider swapping for a while.

To wrap it all up: size does matter for some and doesn’t for others, but I can promise you – most women are satisfied with an average penis.

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