How to Successfully Turn On a Woman July 16, 2018 – Posted in: News, Sex Advice

How to turn on a Woman

How to turn on a woman? There are several ways a woman’s mood can be tweaked as to get her in a state of excitation. Sometimes, even the most inoffensive of gestures can spark a hot night of love-making.

However, instead of going hit-or-miss, you can do some things that are sure to get your girlfriend in that mood that’ll benefit you. Pretty much all of these are quite basic, but there’s a chance you might not have known about their power. Obviously keep in mind, all women are different and the best success comes from communication with your partner. With that in mind, here we go!

Tickle her

Tickling a woman leads to sex in 99.9% of cases. Giggling, for some reason, is an outstanding aphrodisiac. “Stop tickling” ultimately leads to “Whatever you do, don’t stop”. That’s how things go. Make her laugh then pull her in your lap. That’s a major turn-on and rest assured you’ll have some – to quote Turk from Scrubs – “relations of the intimate nature”.

Kiss her on the neck

Embrace her from behind and kiss her neck. The neck is one of the most erogenous zones for a woman, especially close to the ears. Blow a hot breath on it and you’ll be in the bedroom so fast that you’ll need time to figure out what happened. An embrace is known to make the brain produce more dopamine and oxytocin, the chemicals associated with affection, feeling loved and relaxation. That’s why you should expect some tender love-making rather than a porn-worthy, volcanic massacre.

Massage her

If she doesn’t drift in and out of sleep, massaging her can lead to sex, especially if she’s had a rough day and wants to feel loved. Touch is an amazingly potent turn-on, particularly if it involves the most erogenous areas of her body, like the thigh, for instance. Whether you believe it or not, women are more prone to kick in the mood for sex if they’re taken care of with affection rather than being approached with an animalistic lust. Make her feel comfy and you’ll be her hero. That’ll eventually culminate with love-making, count on it. Use some scented oil and candles to enhance the atmosphere and you’ve got her right on your plate, ready to be loved a little more.

Gently scratch her back

Wrap your arms around her, kiss her and scratch her back. Be gentle, though. The skin on her back is extremely sensitive to touch and among her most erogenous zones as a consequence. You’ve probably observed that she starts to shake subtly when you do that. What does that mean? She’s horny. Period.


I’m going to assume you don’t know where her clitoris or g-spot is or how to use them to please her. To write about both would take a few articles, so do your research on how to make a woman orgasm through her clitoris and g-spot.

Final Remarks

Even though all of these are sure to work, refrain from pushing your luck when she’s clearly nowhere near being in the mood for sex. It’s okay to be playful and try to get her in bed, but sometimes she might not just be there, so just let her be, because no means no. On the positive side: this may return to you in a good way later on, so it’s all for the best. Use these tips when the time seems right. Most importantly, communication is key, so if you really want to know what turns her on, just ask her.

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