Death from Masturbation – Between Reality and Myth July 9, 2018 – Posted in: Sex Advice, Sexuality

Masturbation. Something we all do but few admit to it, is surrounded by plenty of myths: it’ll make you go blind, your palms go hairy and probably the most horrific of them all – it leads to impotence or low sex drive.

Naturally, there’s no shred of truth in neither of those. Another myth that has endured through the ages is that masturbation can kill you, probably born out of the fact that the French call the orgasm “la petite mort” (the little death). But is this true or not? Can you actually join the choir invisible while chocking the chicken?

Situations Where Masturbation Can Kill

 Autoerotic Asphyxiation

 If you hang yourself in the closet and beat your meat, then yes, there’s a chance that masturbation will kill you. In fact, pretty much all cases labeled as “death from masturbation” are autoerotic asphyxiations. You be the judge now: is that thrill of erotic danger worth it? Probably not. And here’s another thing – we can’t even talk about death from masturbation during asphyxiation because it’s not the masturbation that kills people, it’s the lack of air.

Some people should get their facts straight.

Cardiac Arrest

 Alright, this is where things get serious. There have been a few cases when people went into cardiac arrest when they reached orgasm. Once again, it’s not the masturbation that killed them, but their hearts. Many people have heart conditions that are often congenital and undiagnosed. These conditions can be worsened through chronic masturbation. But then again, even in this case, you’d have to masturbate 24/7.

When Could I Die from Masturbation?

 There are a few situations that would prompt your death from masturbation:

  • You’re doing it on the hood of your car as it’s going 100 miles per hour
  • You use lava instead of lube
  • You masturbate continuously until there are no fluids left in your body
  • You jump off the peak of Himalaya and masturbate until you hit the ground
  • You’re transported in the Middle Ages and you suddenly do it in front of the Inquisition

This is, without a doubt, one of the most outlandish myths about masturbation and by the way, since we mentioned the Middle Ages, that’s when this myth started going around. Back then, even having a solo sex life was a sin. Even with a heart condition, you would have to try really hard to kill yourself by beating the old meat.


 Chronic masturbation does have some consequences, but none as drastic as death: it could make sex less pleasurable because you accustom your body to a certain pace, you could dehydrate yourself or get a sore penis. Everything in this world has its fair share of untrue things, masturbation inclusively. Religious zealots have helped perpetuate them and unfortunately, many people believe in these even nowadays, in the 21st century.

Well, what’s important is that you cannot die from masturbation and no, your palms won’t grow hairy. You can, of course, take this as a cause for celebration, if you know what I mean.

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