An Introduction to Sapiosexuality July 2, 2018 – Posted in: LGBTQ, Sexuality

For quite a long time, intelligence didn’t count in sexual matters. In other words, one’s partner could have an IQ of 80 or 150 and sex would still be the same. It’s safe to say that the vast majority of people are interested in their (casual) partners’ genitals more than in their acumen. In the modern age though, psychology introduced a term that most people weren’t familiar with: sapiosexuality. Let’s talk about this for a bit and see what this is supposed to mean.

What’s a Sapiosexual? 

To put it right in the open, a sapiosexual is an individual for whom the intelligence of his/her partner is the most sexually attractive trait. A sapiosexual man, is more interested in a woman’s wit than in her vagina and behind.

“Oh God, that’s so gay” – this is one of the most common reactions to one’s claims of sapiosexuality. In that case, the one who says this sees sex as a purely carnal thing and it’s her/his loss, not ours. Sapiosexuality can be as easy as being attracted to witty women or men and being aroused by their remarks, their way of doing things, their desire for deep, meaningful conversations, etc.

The Implications 

Sapiosexuality is incredibly important and worthy of more popularisation for one simple reason: it’s the very proof that people can go past physical look and focus on what’s really important – the mind. Sapiosexuals fall in love with their partners’ souls and minds, not with their bodies and that’s a bond that is 100 times more durable than the bonds of those partners for whom sex is an in-and-out-and-in-again kind of thing and nothing more.

Sapiosexuality, in this light, is a sexual identity, in the same fashion as some identify as gender fluid. This has attracted the attention of psychologists from all over the world; they say that, indeed, a good chunk of the population has sapiosexual traits. Now obviously, it’s less likely that one can be a sapiosexual if his/her IQ is below average, although we can be proven wrong at any time. Crazier things happened, so this wouldn’t really be that far-fetched.


 Psychology has started to take sapiosexuality seriously and as a consequence, there are already a few journals with articles put forth by psychologists that are definitely worth their salt; these can be studied at leisure. Humans have always felt a need to name things and label them. I think we can all agree that “sapiosexuality” actually needed a name, since we can grasp things better when they’ve got a clear denomination, especially when we can break it in individual terms.

If you’ve ever been attracted to your partner’s intelligence, then yes, you’ve joined the ranks of sapiosexuals before it was even a thing, so congrats are due.

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