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Sex in Student Dorms

Exams, failed exams, annoying professors, that lecture from 8 A.M. – these are some of the worst things about college, but it isn’t all bad. The sex makes up for that big time. If both you and your girlfriend live in the dorms, though, finding intimacy can be a problem.

Having sex in either of your rooms can be tricky, too. Here are some things you should never do, no matter how horny you are; by not doing them, you’ll be on the safe side and you won’t be faced with a report from the RA.

The Big Don’ts 

  1. Don’t Be Loud

Easier said than done in many cases, but you shouldn’t break this rule. Bite your pillow, do it slowly, bite your lower lip – just don’t scream so hard that tiles fall from the ceiling.

  1. Don’t Be Disgusting

 Don’t leave your condom on the floor or throw it in your roommate’s bed by accident. Learn to clean up after yourselves.

If your girlfriend’s panties are hanging from the light bulb and there’s a big pile of clothes in the middle of the room, you might get a nice, fat complaint. After you’re done, open the window so it doesn’t smell like sex and spray some air fresheners for good measure.

  1. Give your roomie a heads up

Do you really want them to walk in on you? If you want to traumatise them, perhaps yes. Whenever you plan on having sex, text your roommates and let them know you’d like some intimacy for a while. Maybe set up a system where you roommates know when it is “Do Not Disturb” time so they don’t get locked out. Your roommates will definitely understand that you want to get some and will agree to leave you alone for a while. But if they come back home and find out the door is locked and there’s wailing and gnashing of teeth inside, it might be your last time having sex in there. After all, it’s not just your room, it’s a shared space and everybody has as much of a right to stay in there as you do.

  1. Don’t Do It In Somebody Else’s Bed

This can be a major turn on, but it’s wildly unethical. How would you feel if your roommate used your bed for sex? That’s just nasty. Do not invade others’ personal space and they will do the same for you.

  1. Don’t Do It If Somebody’s in The Room

 This should be somewhat of a given, but there are some people who have no sense of boundary whatsoever. Don’t be one of those people.

Concluding Remarks

As long as you respect these rules, you will be fine. Everybody wants to get down to business once in a while, so you should plan it out. If your roommates are great and always agree to leave the room, you should return their favour. If some of them are jerks, you should have a conversation and let them know what they’re doing is anything but okay in a shared space. 

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