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Shower sex is, on one hand, hot (both literally and figuratively) but on the other hand, dangerous. Slippery things are good, we like slippery things, but not so much when they can get us in the ER. If you’ve never had sex in the shower, we think you could use some advice from the pros. By using these tips, the risk of having a bad experience or ending up with a leg in a cast will be decreased. Here we go.


This is pretty much a given but you’d be amazed at how many people have sex in the shower but overlook using lube because they think water will do. Newsflash – water is not a lubricant. Do not be fooled by all the pornos or movies. Lube is still needed whether you are in the shower, pool, bath, or even just in bed.

  1. Don’t Try Any Hazardous Positions

The shower isn’t the best place to experiment in. It’s either from behind or with the back to the wall. Trying out any other positions could end up tragically. Consider purchasing some foot-rests for the shower. Yes, they do exist and they are great to use for shower sex because of their grip. These may give you the freedom to do some other positions, but be very careful.

  1. Laugh About It

Shower sex is insanely clumsy and uncomfortable most of the times, but you have to find the amusement in that. By doing so, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy it as much as possible. If you’re constantly annoyed by the fact that you’ve been reduced to having the balance of a toddler, you’ll kill the mood in a couple of minutes.

  1. Rinse If You Lather

Everybody will tell you “Oh no, you have to lather each other up!” but here’s the deal: the shower is slippery as it is; if you do soap each other, make sure you rinse yourself before you have sex.

Lathering can be quite a nice turn on for the both of you, just be extra cautious not to make yourselves so slippery that you won’t be able to stand on your feet.

  1. Know When to Throw the Towel In

Sometimes, sex in the shower is simply out of the discussion – when the box is too small, for instance. In that case, just quit. You really shouldn’t be uncomfortable about it. You’ve tried, but it’s not possible. Not a big deal, move on.

Concluding Remarks

If you follow all these tips or just some of them, you’ll be a lot safer when having shower sex. We know it’s all about the enjoyment of the act itself, but you should make sure that pleasure won’t turn into pain after a few minutes. Find your balance, use the walls of the shower to your advantage and don’t try anything that could make either of you fall and – god forbid – break your bones.

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