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As technology continues to improve, so does the sex toy market. Where the options for sex toys used to be incredibly basic, sex toys are even making the rounds at Consumer Electrics conventions around the world!

Sexual Health Sex Toys

This is mostly due to the fact that sexual health and wellness is finally being embraced as part of holistic self care and losing a lot of their previous stigma. And thank goodness! Orgasms relieve stress, help with insomnia, keep your skin looking young, and can even make you live longer!

By far the top new advance in sex toys for 2020 is the idea of “smart” sex toys. We’ve all seen speakers that respond when we talk, phones that can access the internet at the touch of a button, cars that drive themselves… why not use that technology in sex toys?!

Smart Sex Toys

Take, for instance, this smart vibrator. It is used just like a normal vibrator, but the smart technology downloads date from each “session” to an app on your phone. The app then tracks patterns with your orgasms and uses biofeedback technology to allow you to keep notes and find your absolute best orgasm. It’s kind of like a Fitbit for your vagina, that keeps a chart of temperature, motion, and tension. Smart vibrators have even led to the discovery and conversation around “orgasm patterns” – the avalanche, the volcano, and the ocean wave.  These are unique to each person, as you can only have one of the three types.

Smaller Can Be Better

Next up, forget the tiny, discreet bullet vibrators. When you want clitoral stimulation, you don’t want to pick and choose where to hold a toy, right? Check out the newer sonic massagers, like this one from Coco de Mer. The newer line of stimulators have larger mouths for a bigger amount of pleasurable, direct clitoral contact surface area. They’re also quieter, can be charged by USB, and are waterproof for use in the bath or shower. The Lelo Sona Cruise 2’s “cruise control” feature even holds back 20% of its power until activated by hard pressure against the body.

Look, No Hands!

One last sex toy trend for 2020 are hands-free devices. The majority of these focus on helping people to have blended orgasms or combined g-spot/vaginal and clitoral orgasms. The unique part about these sex toys, in addition to being hands-free, is that they actually don’t vibrate.

The technology replicates the feeling of an actual human touch in the “come hither” motion to pleasure the g-spot, and a sucking sensation for the clitoris. Some of these toys, like the Baci (clitoral only) and Onda (g-spot only), have even won innovation awards!

Weed Lubricant

We’d also be remiss to not end any discussion about sex toy trends before talking about cannabis lube. With medical marijuana recently being legalized in Australia and recreational soon to come, weed lubes are hot right now. They are said to reduce anxiety and pain during sex, and even help people of all genders have quicker better orgasms. They are definitely an up and coming (no pun intended) star on the sex toy market this year.

Owning your pleasure is owning your power. No matter how you identify, having control over your own sexual gratification is empowering and leads to self-confidence even outside of the bedroom! Hopefully 2020 is the year of the better orgasm! We’ll cheers to that!

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