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What It’s Really Like To Be An Escort And Some Common Misconceptions About Sex Work

Now that sex work is becoming increasingly legal, including here in Australia, as well as a more regular part of public conversation, many people are wondering what it’s actually like to be an escort. Escorts may work from brothels, through an agency or as an independent private sex worker. In order to help reduce the stigma, we’ve compiled information from actual sex workers so that people can better understand what the job is really like and who the people are who do it.

The Sex Is More Normal Than You Think 

While people who hire sex workers are often portrayed as either sex-crazed freaks or loners who only want to talk, most escorts report that sex is usually much more normal than people expect. In most cases, it’s just simple missionary (man on top) sex. A lot of male clients also want to give oral, which may surprise people. That’s not to say that there aren’t sex workers who specialize in the kinky stuff. There are plenty out there who are sought out specifically for their work in BDSM, age play, etc. There truly is a sex worker for every client.

Not Unusual to Find A College Educated Escort

A misconception about sex workers is that they do sex work because they don’t have other options. This is absolutely false. Many sex workers are in the industry because they choose to be, and not because they have to. In fact, a lot of them are college-educated and have worked in the professional world before choosing to go another direction. People often write sex workers off as being uneducated because the thought of an educated sex worker makes them uncomfortable.

Sex Workers Are Diverse

Unfortunately, a lot of popular culture portrays the escort only as thin, white women in their early 20s who all look like models. This is far from the truth. While those people do exist, there are also many who don’t fit into that mould. Sex workers are every (legal) age, come from every race and ethnicity, have all different body types, etc. Not all sex workers are cisgender, or heterosexual. There are also plenty of men who are involved in the sex work industry as well. Many of the stereotypes about sex workers are actually the product of fear, ignorance, and racism.

It’s Much More Organised Than You Think

Sex work is usually not women standing outside on the corner in a bad part of town, waiting to get into the car with the next person who drives by. Many escorts find clients through posting classified ads or by working through a professional website, where there are screening processes in place to guarantee their safety. There are also online forums, and many sex workers even choose to start their own independent websites. Sex workers are independent contractors, essentially. In some areas, there are also brothels that employ multiple sex workers.

Yes, A Lot Of Clients Are Married

While plenty of single men do hire sex workers, many of them are actually (often, happily) married men. There are a lot of theories out there for why that is, from too much respect for their wives to no respect for them. Regardless, an important part of being a sex worker is keeping client information confidential.

Being An Escort Is  Legitimate Work

At the end of the day, though, sex work is actually work. A lot of time goes into being attractive to clients, finding and maintaining a client base, getting ready for dates, etc. And yes, the actual sex itself is also working. Not every client is attractive, and some days escorts just don’t want to go to work. It’s important to remember that sex workers are people, who provide their sexual services for money. Ultimately, it’s just a job and they are humans just like everyone else.

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