Who Is The Typical Brothel or Escort Client? August 1, 2019 – Posted in: Brothels, Escorts

Is there such a thing as a typical “brothel client”? Most people would be astounded at the variety of men who frequent brothels or book call girls/escorts. Every one of these men has a different frame of reference, different mood, diverse cultural backgrounds and a multitude of attitudes towards women and sex. For the most part, men seem to want a connection. They often want the company of a sex worker because they are, on the surface, horny and/or bored with their current sex life. Go beneath that surface however and you’ll find a surprising range of real reasons why men make the decision to seek out a prostitute and what they want from that time and experience.

Typical brothel clients


Overwhelmingly the men that book a girl are middle-aged and older, and either single/divorced or in a sex-free significant relationship. All men need intimacy, and this demographic is no exception. There is a misconception that as people get older they need less sex. While this may be the case for many people, there are a lot of men who aren’t getting the levels of intimacy they desire. While many women experience an increase in libido as they age, there are a lot of wives who lose their attraction for their husband or just go off the idea of sex in the long term relationship. Husbands of these women might see a prostitute to fulfil their physical need and stay married to someone they love deeply. Most single, middle-aged men still love sex but cannot find, or have time for a partner, and so seeing a working girl is an answer for them.

Elderly Brothel Client

There are men well into their 90’s who may not be able to perform sexually, that still love the idea of a pretty girl, being held and experiencing all the sensory aspects of sex, so a paid sex worker may be the answer. These old blokes still love the idea of sex, but just can’t do it anymore. In this case, it’s still sensual, it’s just not your standard intercourse.

Experimental Clients

Many men will see a prostitute to engage in sexual activity that their partner cannot or won’t engage in, such as fetishes, bondage or anal sex for example. Often these men are scared to ask their significant others to indulge their desires, so they will go to see someone who is non-judgemental, open-minded and experienced.

Couples sometimes book a girl to be part of their sexual experimentation. They may want a threesome without having to be emotionally attached to the person, so jealousy isn’t a problem. They are able to indulge in their fantasies, with someone experienced and understanding of how a threesome works. It’s a treat for the couple, often given as a birthday present.

Clients With Disabilities

Other group of men that crave attention from women are the disabled or overweight. They often don’t have a partner and apart from carers, they have no real physical touch. A prostitute can offer this, from simple touch through to sex, and sex workers are aware and have experience and training on how to treat, pamper and please men in this category and don’t judge. It’s a vital service and shouldn’t be discounted in terms of how much it improved the lives of the obese or disabled.

Other group of men are those whose wives are in the late stages of pregnancy. They are horny but don’t want to sleep with anyone they know, and want the ultimate in discretion. Seeing a prostitute enables him to let off steam and go back to his wife as the patient and understanding husband he wants to be.

Heart Broken in Need of TLC

Younger men will often seek the company of an escort or visit a brothel because they’ve just gone through a break-up. They need comfort, a shoulder and something to lift their spirits. In most cases a working girl has seen the scenario before and knows how to soothe his ego, offer support and how to leave him with a smile on his face. These kinds of men are vulnerable to becoming overly attached with the girl they see and there are many instances where men replace an everyday romantic relationship with that of a transactional one. They are looking for the “girlfriend experience”: someone to hold, go to dinner with, talk to. A savvy prostitute will know how to give this man what he is looking for and the “relationship” can last many months to years.

Travelling Men

Businessmen who travel also make up a significant percentage of men who see prostitutes. They might be travelling so much they can’t form long term relationships in real life, so they book a specific girl when they are in town, for dates, company and sex, even as a plus one for corporate or social functions. A well-groomed, articulate and clever women is required for this, so the higher level of the escort is required. He doesn’t want to be embarrassed in from of friends or colleagues. These “arrangements” can be ongoing and probably the crème de la crème of bookings for a working girl as they are usually all night bookings with tips and perks like money for clothes to wear to functions.

A phrase often uttered by managers to girls when they complain about a booking is: “if it was easy, everyone could do it”. Engaging with a diverse range of men is in itself, there is no one type of brothel client. The work is exhausting sometimes, as the working girl needs to be resilient, compassionate, emotionally mature, quick-witted, and street smart, as well as the obvious, sexually experienced and sexy. The one commonality for all men is that each man who visits a brothel or sees an escort wants to feel he’s unique, special and “different to all the others”, even if just for the time he has booked.

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