Why do men pay for sex? December 6, 2019 – Posted in: Brothels, Sex Advice

Prostitution has long been seen as the world’s oldest profession. While there could be a variety of reasons for this, many people still wonder why men pay for sex and visit brothels. Though many people might believe that they’ll know the answer to this, there can be a few reasons that they may not have thought of.

This could be because visiting a prostitute can often have many negative connotations. Traditionally, men have been more likely than women to pay for sex. Naturally, there are a few relatively common reasons for why this is the case, such as men typically having a higher libido than women.

Sexual diversity can often be one of the more obvious reasons why they do so. Historically, men were hardwired to impregnate as many women as possible, with this increasing the odds of child-bearing and survival.

However, this doesn’t mean that that’s the only reason why men do so. Instead, there are a variety of different reasons why they do so. While this could vary somewhat from man to man, there are a few in particular that are relatively common.

Trying New Things

While many fetishes have become less taboo over the past few years, many are still not discussed too often. This could lead to many men not feeling as though they’re able to talk to their partner about their specific fetishes. Naturally, this leads to them having a less satisfying sex life, which could be frustrating.

However, this isn’t the case in the sex industry, as prostitutes may not have any qualms about particular fetishes. As a result, many men who pay for sex could do so to fulfill a variety of sexual desires that may not be addressed in their relationship.

Hiring a prostitute could act as an outlet for these fetishes and desires, which could be one of the primary reasons that men pay for sex.

Skipping The Emotional Connection

Generally, men and women have different approaches to sex. While many men may see the act as primarily physical, women often focus on the emotional connection that it provides. However, this isn’t something that men want to focus on consistently.

This could lead many men in relationships to want to avoid the more emotional aspects often associated with making love. While this might not usually be available in a relationship, paying for sex prevents it.

This is driven by the fact that buying sex is more of a business transaction. Typically, this will mean that emotions shouldn’t play a role in the act, which is a preference for a large number of men.

Avoiding Performance Anxiety

Women are much more sexually complicated than men. This has often led to many men feeling as though they can be hard to please and somewhat sexually mysterious. While not always the case, this could lead to many men becoming slightly overwhelmed with the act.

Most of this is focused on making sure that their partner is satisfied with the experience. This may then lead to performance anxiety, which is typically seen as the inability to get or maintain an erection.

However, paying for sex means that a man shouldn’t have to worry about pleasing his partner. The main reason for this is that, as a client, his needs typically come first, so he shouldn’t need to think about making sure that his partner is as satisfied as he is.

Sense Of Freedom

Some men can find long-term, monogamous relationships quite restricting. Much of this might be because they can often feel controlled or penned in by a partner. This is especially true if they’re unable to talk about fetishes, or if their partner isn’t willing to fulfil them.

This lack of sexual autonomy can often prove quite frustrating. While this could be avoided by having a variety of sexual partners, many men instead choose to pay for sex. This offers them an immediate sense of fulfilment and sexual independence.

Abandonment Issues

While this may not be the largest reason why men pay for sex, it is a factor for a large number of them. Some men can be afraid of becoming emotionally close to a woman, which is often a prerequisite for sex, especially in relationships. As a result, many of them may be averse to starting a relationship.

This could be the result of abandonment issues, anxiety, and much more. Despite this, they will still have a libido and a variety of sexual desires. Though one-night stands can often overcome this, some men instead choose to pay for sex.

The act of hiring a prostitute helps to put some emotional distance between themselves and the person they’re having sex with. As a result, paying for sex can often be much more comfortable for many of these men.

There can be a variety of other reasons why men pay for sex. However, many of these can often depend on the person themselves. Despite this, each of the above seems to be the more common reasons why they do so.

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