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Top Australian Erotic Movies

There’s a slight distinction between erotica and porn, although it’s understandable that to some people: it really serves a single purpose and that is to trigger arousal. However, with the latter, you have to take into consideration the artistic merit as well.

With that said, below are eight Australian erotic movies that you might want to check out.

Sleeping Beauty (2011)

It’s the first time that Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) had nudity but the cringe factor is real here. She plays a student who, for want of money, agrees to literally sleep on the job. She then fulfills men’s fantasies while asleep. They can do anything short of intercourse and violence.

Birthday (2009)

Starring Natalie Eleftheriadis as M, the highest-paid girl in a brothel. It’s her 25th birthday but what’s a girl to do but work? But sex is not as cut and dry anymore. The clients want more, a connection perhaps. There’s Father Phillip who is having a crisis of faith; there’s joey who has never learned how to kiss or love; there are Cindy and Lily. But what is M’s secret wish on her birthday?

The Book of Revelation (2006)

Daniel is a professional dancer who was abducted and then later violated by three women in the hood. While that would be the dream scenario for most guys, his life was ruined when he was released. The dance company dropped him, his girlfriend changed. Daniel is determined to get back at his captors, and having lots of sex on the way.

Naked Celebrations (1997)

This is not as much of a movie as a documentary. It follows the experience of three girls who hike up to the peak of Mt. Warning, located in northern New South Wales. It also documents the protest rally at Byron Beach by a group of nudist who wants to advocate for their right to shed their clothes while bathing.

The Money Shot (2002)

What’s a girl to do without money and a camera in hand? Shoot porn, of course. That’s the brilliant idea of Carmen out of desperation. With a degree in film school, she convinced her boyfriend Stuart into shooting porn.

Innocence (2000)

Andreas is a widow who decided to see his first love, Claire, who is still very much married. They carry on an affair but not without complications. Don’t worry, you are not going to burn your retina watching old people have sex. There’s a lot of nudity and sex but they come in form of flashbacks.

Felicity (1978)

It comes in the era when sexploitation is introduced into the public consciousness. Felicity Robinson is a teen who is carrying a lesbian affair with her friend. On the request of his father, she travels to Hong Kong to stay with a rich couple. There, she loses her virginity and falls in love.

Wide Sargasso Sea (1993)

Set in late 19th Century, Karina Lombard plays landowner Antoinette who is forced to marry an Englishman to avoid losing her property. But she has her own secrets, which threatens to destroy her marriage and also subconsciously puts her on the path of making the same mistakes as her mother’s.

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