4 Problems of Having Sex in the Car March 15, 2018 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News

Sex in the Car


I think we can all agree that the car is not the most comfortable place to have sex in. That, however, isn’t much of an impediment when your sex-drive has sky-rocketed. Sex in the car is obviously tricky, but everyone can pull it off.

That doesn’t make it devoid of a few issues that you must be aware of, especially if you’ve never had sex there before. Here are a couple of things you must take into consideration.

  • The lack of space

Evidently, this is the biggest problem. The back seat of the car doesn’t provide that much space, so you might be limited in terms of positions. Doggy style and cowgirl might be your only options.

But then again, it depends on how flexible the two of you are. This minor obstacle can be overcome pretty easily if you’re accustomed to having sex in narrow places. If you’re not, however, it might take some getting used to.

Look up some positions that would work in the backseat and you’re all set.

  • The risk of getting caught

Ending up on the Internet is certainly not something you wish would happen. If you’re doing it in the car, make sure it’s not in the middle of the street, where everybody can see you. You wouldn’t believe how many voyeurs are there.

Pull the car on some ill-lit street or better still, on a country road where the traffic is scarce. This way, the risk of having unwanted guests grinning on the other side of the window decreases considerably.

  • The leg cramps

Krishna be with men in these times of turmoil! Leg cramps, sorry to burst your bubble, are inevitable. Ideally, you’ll only get some mild ones that go away by rubbing them. In the worst case scenario, you’ll need to press the pedals with your hands.

But hey, at least you’ve had sex. Try to be in a position that allows you to stretch your legs properly or you might need a wheelchair.

  • Leather seats are hellish

The pain you feel when kicked in the crotch pales in comparison with the agony of ripping your sweaty, naked skin from a leather seat. Always carry a blanket with you when you plan to crank it up in the back seat.

If you don’t have a blanket, just throw your clothes on the seats and then proceed to your business.


“Only teens have sex in the car” is a misconception. Everybody has had car-sex at least once. Why is it so tempting? Because it’s dangerous and we like dangerous things. Even the prospect that you’d be looked at by someone can set a fire under your behind.

As long as you know what the problems are, you’re sure to find a solution for them. Most of these depend on how large your car is, actually. The larger, the better. The tinier, the more painful.

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