When To Have the Fetish Talk March 19, 2018 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News

Fetish Talk

Everybody has fetishes and if they say they don’t, you can rest assured they’re lying. Some are quite inoffensive, others may seem they are asylum-material. Talking with your partner about fetishes you might have is highly recommended, but there’s one question you’re probably asking yourself: “When should I do it?”

Well, it depends on how normal you consider your fetish to be? If your fetish is extremely eerie, a good time to talk about it would be… um…never. Kidding! If you fetish is not on the outskirts of common sense or even it is something that is extreme, when is it a good time to relieve yourself?

Ideally, after you and your partner are so comfortable that you couldn’t scare each other away if you tried. Unfortunately, the period for that isn’t set in stone. It could be 2-3 months. It could be half a year. It could be more.

It all boils down to how shy your girlfriend/boyfriend is. If it took you a few months – or even more – to get him/her in bed, you might need to wait a lot until making your fetishes known.

When is a fetish too much to handle?

Obviously, when it’s similar to a horror scene or anything else that takes people aback. Cosplay fetishes are the most common. You want your girlfriend to dress up like a character from your favourite movie – that’s something most consider normal.

We’ve all dreamed of banging our favourite character at some point or another and it’s cool. On the other side of the spectrum, there are fetishes that resemble the dreams of serial killers and would make Ted Bundy proud.

No-one’s to say those aren’t feasible, but if your partner’s not keen on putting up with something like that, you might end up at the psychiatrist. The personality of your partner is crucial and plays an important part in your relationship.

Talking things out is essential, but there are things you shouldn’t say to him/her. Not even when talking dirty.

Should I be straightforward about my fetishes?

Yes, of course. Don’t beat around the bush too much. If you want something, you have to make it happen. Your partner can’t read your mind, so put it all in the clear. You probably want her/him to do the same thing.

Be open with each other in all the aspects of your relationship. It’ll make it stronger than it ever was.

Fetishes, just like eating breakfast or sleeping, are normal. They’re part of who we are or who we wish we would have been. They get too much dirt than they should and are almost constantly anathematised and for no good reason.

But anyway, you should wait until you couldn’t get any more comfortable with each other to outline your most hidden dreams. This way, you’ll decrease the chances of having her/him bolt out the door and call the cops.

Give it time and you’ll know when the circumstances are optimal for making your fetishes known. Cross our hearts. Don’t rush it and you should be safe.

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