Fetish Talk Series: Fire Cupping April 2, 2018 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, Brothels

Fire Cupping

Ancient Chinese alternative medicine practiced cupping supposedly to encourage blood flow to the body and secrete all the toxins. A suction is created through heat and filling the glass cup with warm air before placing the opening onto the body. As you know, the Chinese believes that the life’s force or Qi can be manipulated to promote healing. Let’s talk about Fire Cupping.

Fire Cupping as a Fetish

It’s not clear how it started as a fetish but everything can be converted into a sexual activity if you are brave enough. Fire cupping works much the same way as the ancient Chinese tradition. However, its intention is more on sexual gratification than healing. Practitioners of this fetish will use different sized cups, and each has its own purpose.

For instance, a bigger cup will result in a bigger diameter which some people, typically beginners, think is ideal because of less pressure. A smaller cup will result in a lot more pressure, which may even be painful because the suction is concentrated in a smaller space.

Healing VS. Sex

The alternative medicine practiced by the Chinese will focus on putting the cups on one’s back and legs. Fire cupping, meanwhile, is more concentrated on the erogenous zones of the individual, mostly women.  For instance, you will see the cups on one’s nipples, inner thighs, buttocks and the clitoris.

The idea is to redirect blood flow to these erogenous zones so the sensation will be more intense. This doesn’t necessarily result in sex as the experience is orgasmic in itself for some people. And for some, the pain experienced throughout the whole process is the ultimate reward.

Even minus the pain, when you put on the suction on your breasts and clitoris, your mind will be tricked into thinking to pay more attention to the target areas. A little stimulation will then go a long way.

Use of Mechanical Devices

People who are into this fetish are getting more creative. For instance, fire cupping can be a chore because you have to prepare a lot of things. For example, you need to find glass cups with the right size and shape. You need a source of fire, some use candles, torch or lighter.

But hand pumps or mechanical pumps for lactating mothers would be a good alternative. For one, you can bring them anywhere. Unlike the fire cups, you can also adjust the pressure and intensity. It’s also very easy to remove the suction once you are done.

How to Do Fire Cupping

If you are going the traditional route, first rub essential massage oil all over the body. This will make it easier for you to slide the cup around or to pull it out once finished. Allow the cup to stay in the target area between 5 and 15 minutes, or until you notice a discoloration from dark red to purple. Don’t worry; the discoloration will fade in about a day. Some people, however, have such sensitive skin that the redness may not fade until a few days. It’s a good thing that the cups are put on areas that you typically hide in the first place.

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