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Oral Sex

Oral sex is probably one of the first things that we all tried when we first had sex. A lot of people tend to enjoy it purely on its own, whilst others are more interested in it as a “side dish” in the bedroom. The preferences obviously vary between people. When it comes to oral sex with your partner, it is, of course, vital that you communicate exactly what you want and what you are looking for.

Oral Sex – Differences Between Men and Women

It is pretty obvious that the genitals are one of the biggest sexual differences between men and women. Therefore, there are different ways of pleasing each gender. One thing that they do have in common is that it is to be done with the mouth. In addition, it is good to remember that there are also discrepancies between individuals. This is why a lot of people need to communicate their needs, desires and wants.

When going down on a woman, the tongue is probably one of the most crucial tools. Women who give cunnilingus to other women will probably have a good idea of what feels good. However, vaginas can be complex and therefore what feels good to you may not necessarily be the same for the other person. It is, therefore, a good idea to give direction. The partner who is performing the oral sex must make sure that they don’t see this as a criticism. It is direction and there is nothing wrong with receiving a few helpful tips!

When it comes to men, however, there can sometimes be a bit of a difference. A lot of people assume that it is very easy to turn a man on. This is because most people feel that men have a constant sex drive that must be satisfied all the time. This is not always the case and the same can be said for the sensitivity of the penis. Sometimes, it takes a while to get the penis going. Again, the direction from the person receiving oral sex is definitely going to be of great help here!

Eroticism and Oral Sex

Adding a bit of an erotic touch to oral sex will definitely help things to move along quicker! Kissing around the genitals will help, but don’t forget the other parts of the body. For examples, the nipples tend to be one of the biggest erogenous zones on a person. Playing with the nipples whilst giving head will definitely help to rile things up a little bit.

There are plenty of different tips that you can use in order to make your experience with oral sex better. Don’t forget to use the hands, either. They are tools that can come in useful and are good for when your mouth gets tired! In fact, having a bit of a switch between these two during a session will also help to liven things up a little bit. Having this change will ensure everyone is happy – and everyone reaches orgasm!

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