How Do Open Relationships Work? August 27, 2018 – Posted in: Relationships, Sex Advice, Sexuality

From a young age, we realised that once we find that special someone, we will stick to that relationship forever, or at least for a long time – thanks to the media and societal conditioning. But societies change, people change, and a good partner is hard to come by. Why? Because some people get bored, feel trapped and are miserable after a while when they are in a monogamous relationship.

However, there is this thing called “open relationship” that you may have seen all over social media.

What Is an Open Relationship?

The term “open relationship” – or polyamory, has been around since the late seventies. It is a non-monogamous type of relationship, and it means that a partner or even both partners can flirt, hang out or have sex with other people. Of course, how intimate they can get with other people depends solely on the rules they decide. Some people do not tolerate the idea of their partners having sex with somebody else while others are open to this. Open relationships can be used to experiment with other people or to add some spice to the existing relationship between two partners. Open relationship differs from cheating, because you are completely honest with your partner and when cheating, you are not.

Can Open Relationships Help?

An open relationship can be a very good idea for those who are in a long distance relationship, when the other partner travels a lot around the world, or simply when both partners are so in love that they do not get jealous about sharing them with others. The idea is that you have to be honest with your mate and inform him/her about your partners and what you intend to do with said partners. Long distance relationship can be tough, tedious and can ruin the relationship. However, a local partner can make the long-distance relationship bearable. It does require a lot of communication, trust and love from both parties for this to work.

Being in an open relationship can be a great ego booster. Let’s say that you don’t have enough confidence in yourself. While you are in an open relationship, you can experiment new things with other partners. An open relationship can make your primary relationship stronger and better in many aspects, and will eliminate the dullness. It is always exciting to find new partners, but eventually come back to that same person you are in love with.

Open Relationships – Drawbacks

When it comes to relationships of any kind, things can get complicated. Open relationships are not for every type of person, for example if a partner is jealous, or a partner cannot communicate. Also, it is essential to understand that an open relationship is not like Tinder. At the end of the day, you are still committed to a serious relationship. If you are not organised, and you do not use protection, such a relationship can have tragic results. Always use protection if you are switching partners.

Final Thoughts

You must establish some rules about who you are going to date; for example, exclude friends or close relatives. Discuss with each other where the boundaries are and what would cross the line. As you can see, this type of relationship can open new doors as long as you both know what you are doing. Keep it simple and safe. Like any other relationship, complete and honest communication is key to a happy and successful relationship.

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