Sex – A Tantric Experience August 20, 2018 – Posted in: Sexuality

For most of us, sex is a quick experience, as we get in bed and get the job done within a couple of minutes. Obviously, it can last for a while and can involve broken beds, nail markings on the walls, destroyed furniture, etc. That, right there, is the opposite of tantric sex, a Hindu practice that’s a few thousand years old. Sex is – or should be – a connection more than anything else, a fusion of two spirits into one. Tantra has been used in order to confer sex the distinct note of spiritual depth that it generally lacks in our modern world. If you’re bored of the same old routine, you should definitely try some tantric sex.

What is Tantra?

Unlike casual sex, Tantra is a lengthier process: the partners indulge in a long foreplay that usually involves massage, hugging, gentle petting, relaxing breathing patterns and sweet talking. To some extent, Tantra is nothing but slow sex, a form of sexual yoga. Many people can’t quite get a grasp of it because they’re accustomed to the “modern” way of doing things. Once they do it, though, they experience some earth-shattering orgasms they never knew their bodies were capable of.

That’s what tantric sex is all about: slowly and gently paving the way for an intense climaxing. Some people even report that they’ve had multiple orgasms during tantric sex but were still able to go on with the act. In this light, tantric sex offers you the opportunity to experience a new level of sexual euphoria that becomes more and more intense as you practice it.

Effects of Tantric Sex

Apart from phenomenal orgasms, Tantra is known to improve the connection between two partners and let them feel the love they bear for each other as it if were a physical, palpable thing. Another positive effect is that it gives people a hint of how sensual their bodies really are and that everything is simply pure energy. To those who are used to sticking it in and jumping back and forth for a couple of minutes, the idea of Tantra might sound childish and anything but manly. This is probably one of the reasons why Tantra is nowhere near as popular a practice as it should be.

If you feel like your sex life could use something new, then tantric sex is the very first thing you should try out. There’s a slight chance you won’t go back to the “normal” way of having sex after you’ve experienced the high of Tantra.


Whether you see it as such or not, sex is a deeply spiritual thing. It goes back to a primordial unity we, humans, lost along the way as we progressed and got preoccupied with other things than the welfare of our spirits.

Tantric sex is amazing, but it’s not for everybody, for sure. It isn’t difficult to understand why, though, so you couldn’t really judge people on this account. Tantra is the closest thing to genuinely “making love” instead of “having sex”.

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