Combining Pleasure with Pleasure: Sex and Weed August 13, 2018 – Posted in: Sex Advice, Sexuality

Sex Weed

Making love while stoned – those who are tolerant enough to THC can pull this off and enjoy sex more than ever. Believe it or not, weed offers multiple advantages to one’s sex life. Research has been done in this regard, so you can rest assured that the facts we’re about to present you are 100% true. If you and your partner are heavyweight cannabis consumers, you’ve definitely had sex while high and know how amazing it is.

Those who aren’t will have a lot to learn from this article.

Facts about Sex and Weed

Weed is an Aphrodisiac

Yes, this has been proved by some Czech researchers who studied the effects of weed on a certain number of people, with an eye to what exactly it did for their sex life. Apparently, the vast majority of the participants reported that marijuana enhanced their pleasure. Keep in mind that weed is an aphrodisiac only if consumed in a very small dose.

It improves the connection between partners

It is a known and proved fact that couples who have a penchant for smoking the occasional blunt stay together longer. Moreover, researchers discovered that the risk of violence in a couple is lower if the partners smoke weed. This is somewhat of a given since we love pretty much anybody when we’re high. Once you’ve smoked, cuddling is sure to happen. And what does cuddling usually lead to?

It makes partners happy

Ecstatically happy, to be more precise. This has an extremely positive effect on both partners and the bond between them; our bodies produce anandamide, which is a neurotransmitter credited with making us feel delighted and blissful. When you smoke a joint, the THC in the cannabis actually replaces the anandamide in our bodies and makes us feel like we’ve just entered the 9th heaven. So, if you feel like you need a happiness boost, a joint is definitely the way to go.

Weed-smokers have more sexual partners

Provided they’re single, of course. It was scientifically proven that people who smoke weed are a lot more active sexually than those who don’t. That says a lot about what influence cannabis can have in one’s life. Sure, the fact that those who smoke weed have more partners could be a problem, in the sense that there would be a surge in STDs. Still, if you are responsible and use protection, there should be no worry at the moment.

Final Thoughts

We have to mention again that weed has these positive effects only if taken in a small dosage. If not, you’ll be so stoned that you couldn’t even have sex without falling asleep. Weed does indeed have an extremely positive effect on both partners within a relationship. If you want to feel more pleasure than you did before and to deepen the connection between you and your partner, you should consider lighting up a joint once in a while.

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