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Perfect Match

Throughout your life, you meet a lot of people. Some of them become your friends, some become just people who teach you something. You go on many dates, have several relationships, but you truly love only once. Every time a new person appears in your life, you secretly want to know whether it’s just another person sent to you for experience or this that special someone. How to find your perfect match? No one knows. It’s said your true love is meant for you by the destiny and when you meet the one, you’ll feel it. Perhaps, there are more overt signs that you managed to find your perfect match? – you may wonder. Check out the following indicators.

Feeling the affinity of souls

You don’t remember how everything started. But you knew for sure the very moment you saw her that you can’t imagine your future without her by your side. You were attracted to her on a deeper level, it wasn’t her appearance that drew you to her – you liked her personality. This is what people call love at first sight (you can obviously fall for some girls from Prime Dating Gallery). However, the understanding that a particular person is your soul mate doesn’t always come immediately. You can be friends with your future partner or classmates in the past and then, one day, you wake up or bump into that person and realize your true love was always near.

Never get tired of your loved one

How do you find your perfect match and how do know this is your soul mate? One of the surefire signs is that you never get tired of your partner’s company. It’s very important because if you enter into a long-term relationship, this person will be present in your life all the time, so you should be totally comfortable with your partner. For example, you’ve been on a date for more than 7 hours and you don’t want to say goodbye. If it was with the wrong person, you’d like to have time for yourself after a long night out.

Never feeling suppressed

In a long-term perspective, it’s important to feel freedom being in a relationship. There is a misconception that marriage means the end of freedom. This is typical of an unhealthy relationship. In a healthy one, partners give each other enough personal space because they are two equal personalities that cohabit and have commitments. It’s all about mutual respect. If your significant other and you are two self-sufficient (psychologically) people, you’ll respect each other and tolerate each other’s differences. Your partner will never try to impose their opinion on you because this is another manifestation of respect.

Discovering new and new sides of your loved one

And you fall in love even more. Your partner doesn’t have to do many sports, write novels, have musical talents, or change hairstyles frequently to impress you. You notice some new details about their personality, character, reactions to some situations, and you know one thing – your partner’s virtues are inexhaustible, and you want to be always by his or her side to know them all gradually.

You are different, but at the same time very similar

Different political views, the understanding what is good and what is bad, but you are okay with that. You talk, debate and find a compromise. You accept each other’s dissimilarities. The main thing is that you’re compatible on a more profound level. For example, you expect the same from a married life, you share the same values; in other words, you look in the same direction.

Realise how your partner faces challenges

The clue to the question how to find the perfect match is quite simple. You should test your loved one. How would they react if you catch a cold/have financial problems/feel low? Romantic dates will help you get to know each other’s best qualities. But when you start living together, you’ll reveal many other aspects, such as fears, weaknesses, habits. If you always get support from your loved one through thick and thin, if you feel better when you’re with them rather than alone, it indicates you are with the right person.

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