Women Faking Orgasms – When Will it Stop? May 20, 2015 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, Relationships

Faking orgasms, it’s become a bit of an unspoken thing that females do..

Studies done by Glamour magazine in 2000, The Hite Report in 1974 and most recently by Psychology Today found that on average, 70 to 75% of women FAKE THEIR ORGASMS…. but why??

Through Psychology Today’s studies we now know that a mere 3% of women find “intercourse alone” sufficient as a route to orgasm… 7% claimed by manual clitoral stimulation, 11% oral sex, and a whopping 56% claimed by sexual intercourse partnered with direct clitoral stimulation..

Why Fake Orgasms?

If all the women in the world STOPPED faking their orgasms, we would have a lot of hurt egos on the opposite end of things… Here’s a bunch of reasons why women fake orgasms:

  1. Altruistic Deceit: Faking it to avoid hurting the feelings of her partner / to please her partner
  2. Elevated Arousal: “Fake it til you make it” theory – Essentially faking orgasm to heighten arousal and hopefully lead to a REAL orgasm…
  3. Fear and Insecurity: Many women will fake orgasms to avoid the negative emotions associated to sex (their own insecurities, fear of intimacy etc)
  4. Sexual Adjournment: Faking orgasm/s to end the intercourse sooner..
  5. Matching: The pressure to match her partner, or climax together – the partner’s orgasm has happened or is happening or is imminent and there is pressure to climax
  6. Mate Guarding: Many women will fake their orgasms regularly to prevent their partners from straying
  7. No Verbal Re-enforcement: Women respond well to their partner’s expressing pleasure audibly, it is reassuring about the performance and will make a woman comfortable, lack of this could result in fake orgasms regularly..
  8. Simply not in the mood: Seriously, that’s about it. She’s not in the mood, but her partner is… she’s not going to say NO to sex, but she won’t particularly enjoy it either…
  9. Faked it before, Fake it again: A reason NOT TO FAKE IT! Now she’s dug herself into this hole – you just think she climaxes and comes REALLY easily.. but she’s just been faking it forever and now she’s stuck faking it..
  10. DRUNK and acting: Alcohol is an aphrodisiac, but it also makes achieving an orgasm more difficult… (thanks universe) – So mix alcohol, an active libido and then the need to have a good time together and you get – FAKE ORGASMS! Again!
  11. He’s perfect otherwise: We’ve all been there, right? He’s perfect, he’s beautiful, he’s kind and hospitable, he let us ride on top, went down on us before hand, there was foreplay and he was genuinely interested in what you were saying ALL NIGHT – but the sex has been pretty blasé…. TIME TO FAKE IT!
  12. Because She’s Single:  It’s true, single females have less of a chance at an orgasm than those in a relationship.. in fact they are HALF as likely to come during intercourse. Maybe they don’t feel comfortable to give the partner directions, and outside of a committed relationship – the partner just won’t care as much…

So…. if you’re reading this – have a think… What if all the women in the world STOPPED FAKING ORGASMS? Imagine what would happen…

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