How To Make Her Into A PORNSTAR – Tips and Tricks May 19, 2015 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, Sex Advice

Gentleman, here’s our “How To” guide on not only getting her in the mood, but getting her to make some home movies too 😉


Here’s the thing, we’re going to guide you through how to get her to AGREE to filming a sex tape – but if you film without permission, you are the worst kind of person! DO NOT FILM WITHOUT PERMISSION! And do it because it’s FUN!

We hope you are both open minded people, because it’s time to make her a pornstar!

Here we go:

  1. TALK/BE REAL: Start talking, set the mood. Light candles, play music. Don’t be shy, don’t be coy. When a photographer is taking someone’s photo, they will usually point blank ask before taking the shot – much the same, use a forward and real approach. Don’t mask the truth. Just ask. But don’t just bring this up out of the blue either, try to tie the conversations together. Maybe watch some porn together to build that groundwork up…
    Once the agreement is made, make sure you discuss what is done with the evidence, who will have the evidence, etc. Make her comfortable
  2. MOOD: Just because your girl has agreed to have sex on film, doesn’t mean its as easy as starting the self timer and jumping into bed. You must still SET THE MOOD. As you should be doing anytime you have sex with a female. Girls are usually self conscious, so be sure you are feeding her ego positively. This may sound obvious but pay her endless compliments, compliment her tits and ass, her mouth her legs, the way she moves and get specific. The less obvious or generic the compliments, the better.
  3. FANTASIZE / INVEST: Women like to feel their absolute sexiest when in bed. Women will feel sexiest when in some flattering lingerie or a provocative themed outfit. Treat your lady, buy her a costume or some new lingerie. Tell her to think of it as fantasy role play, “act” like you are porn stars filming on set.
  4. LIGHTS/CAMERA/ANGLES: You don’t need professional equipment. In-fact the more amateur, the better. HD porn isn’t exactly sexy.
    Natural light is your best option here, so if you aren’t able to film your home movies in the day then stick to just one source of light during the night. Warm and yellowish light will hide blemishes and cellulite.
    Camera specifics aren’t OVERLY as important as you’d think. A camera phone will work just fine, and if your girl isn’t 100% about being filmed – let her film on her own device, so that SHE has the footage to control. Just head out and buy a phone tripod.
    Angles are easy. Surprisingly the best angle to shoot porn from is from below, looking up. It makes her ass and tits look bigger whilst making her stomach look flatter.
  5. PRACTICE: We’re sure you’ll enjoy this step. PRACTICE. Practice does make perfect, after all. Having sex on camera is a big step for anyone, and it’s no time to wing it in the positions department either. Try your positions prior to filming, remember that like most normal porn, your home movies will be focused on HER. FEMALES are always the focus of these. Try to choose flattering and easy positions as a note to this.
  6. DONT KISS AND TELL: Pretty simple, pretty standard information really. If you want your girl to film your sexual escapades, and you want her to feel positively about filming them in future – don’t tell your mates! Keep this information to yourself, and leave your bedroom fantasies and activities to JUST the bedroom! If you are ever second-guessing that maybe if you break up your partner may release this footage to the world – simply don’t put yourself in that position! Remember, digital is forever – don’t do anything you’d regret.

So follow this “How To” guide if you want to turn your lady into your very own pornstar. Behind closed doors of course. So, shhhh!


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