LADIES AND GENTLEMEN… MASTURBATE, IT’S GOOD FOR YOU! May 27, 2015 – Posted in: Adult Industry News


In-case you didn’t know, May is the International Month of Masturbation, thanks to Jocelyn Elders and sex-toy company Good Vibrations! They assisted to break the stigma that surrounded masturbation… So as this month comes to an end, here are reasons why you should make EVERY month, masturbation month.

95% of men and 89% of women do it, and after all – you are your own long term lover.
Seriously! Masturbation really is good for your health, and I’ll be telling you all about it! –  We’re big believers in the power of self-pleasure.

For the Guys:
In 2003 an Australian study found that men who masturbate more than 5 times a week (and ejaculate) are less likely to develop Prostate Cancer. Regular masturbation = regular ejaculation = regularly flushing your system. It keeps your semen healthy.

Premature Ejaculation can be a real mood killer; Guys, if you masturbate and train yourself to last longer solo… you’ll be able to last longer with her too!

The benefits of masturbating are endless.  Studies have shown that masturbation strengthens the muscle tone in the genital region, regular masturbation works out your pelvic floor muscles and keeps your little guy perky. (Masturbating 3 to 5 times a week)

For the Girls:
For women, masturbating does more good than you are probably aware. It can help prevent cervical infections and urinary tract infections.

Masturbation can relieve your pre-menstrual symptoms,  menstrual cramps and muscle tension… it can even strengthen your muscle tone in the pelvic and anal areas to an extent that reduces chances of involuntary urinating.

Masturbating will benefit you no matter who you are, male or female!
It can enhance our physical, mental and sexual health and the health of our sexual relationships.

Masturbating, for men or women, increases blood flow through your body and releases endorphins making you happy. There is a mood benefit, even if you don’t cum. It takes your mind away from your stresses and worries and focuses on pleasure.

Stress relief and tension relief (including the obvious sexual tension) are great results of masturbation, as is the improved body image and increased self esteem.
Masturbation can create a sense of well-being, increase your ability to orgasm, improve sexual satisfaction, and help people learn how they like to be touched and stimulated sexually.

A great way for couples to learn about their own sexual satisfaction, and it’s wonderful for people who choose to abstain from sexual activities with another person…. the reasons to masturbate are endless!
Trouble sleeping? Masturbating will get you snoozing. Trouble getting out of bed? Masturbating will start your day with an energized calm!

Reduce insomnia through hormonal and tension releasing; improve immune functioning by increasing cortisol levels and reducing depression by increasing the amount of endorphins your blood stream is used to!
And let’s be completely honest here, masturbation is one of the safest sexual behaviours there is! No risk of pregnancy, or transmission of a sexually transmitted disease.. no performance anxiety and no emotional baggage!


To honour the end of the Masturbation Month, and to help you get your self-pleasure happening, we’ve reached out to Max Black toy store in Newtown and asked them what their favourite toys currently are for (male and female), just in case this got you aching for a rub or a tug 😉

Here’s what they’ve come  up with:

For Him – When we think about men’s masturbation we usually focus  on toys they use with their penis, although p-spot (prostate) massage is vastly more popular than it was a few years ago. Our most popular masturbators at the moment are the Tenga Airtech range (made in Japan they’re hi-tech, discreet, reusable and lots of fun for guys of all sizes) and the Pulse 2 Solo (brand new for this season and super sexy. It can also be used when with a partner so it’s versatile, powerful and touted as the world’s first ‘guybrator’).

For Her – Vibrators rule the day. Almost all of our female customers will at some point purchase a bullet vibe – these are an essential self-pleasure item with lots of versatility. We’d recommend the Bamboo by RocksOff UK. The other major seller is body wands. Modelled on the original Hitachi Magic Wand (a legend in it’s own right) these are usually mains-powered so they offer a truly stunning array of power levels. Our best seller is currently the Body Wand, however we are the first Aussie store to take in the new UK-made Doxy Wand, which is currently the most powerful body wand in the world.

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