Polyamory August 30, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News, Relationships

The world today operates fluidly, in all walks of life, from careers, sexuality and overall lifestyle choices. Younger people are less committed to many of the components bestowed upon by previous generations; values of marriage, and families, for example, have changed drastically since the boom of generation X. Now, millennials in the age of social media, faux-representations of the self, disposable information, and fleeting romances, are often uncharted in terms of identity. In short, what does it mean to be me?

We often identity ourselves based on the perceptions of people around us. This includes how we act in relationships; it defines our morals, our honesty, our sexuality and our ability to express emotion. It’s no wonder, then, that polyamory is a fitting lifestyle choice wherein we experiment with the merits of ourselves in light of intimate experiences shared with multiple people.

It’s more than sex. It’s sharing different aspects of your character with others. You can be cute, innocent and shy with one person, and a dominant, aggressive force with another. You could perhaps experiment with fetishes with those who aren’t adverse to them, and live out wild fantasies you’ve never shared with anyone. The result of this deconstructs our inhibitions, and open gateways about how we perceive the nature of humankind; we become a vessel, whirling through the motions of human desire, lost in an ever-changing slipstream of self-discovery.

We’re monogamous because it’s been ingrained in our culture for hundreds of years. There is nothing wrong with having one partner. In fact, it can be argued it’s better than polyamory, due to security, reliability and the need to unravel and figure out the enigma of that one person who holds you so spellbound. Therefore, like most of sexuality, polyamory is subjective. It’s not for everyone, not everyone likes it. We’re still in the archaic age of polyamory being looked on ‘slutty’ and immature.

The key to polyamory, however, is confidence in one’s self. Ironically, one must be okay with their single self, who they are as a sole entity, before venturing out with multiple partners. The reassurance of the one allows for the undertaking of many. This age of gender-fluidity, under the influence of feminism, allows both males and females to reconstruct who they are. While we may be a whiles away from full-blown polyamorous acceptance, it’s nonetheless an advancement in acceptance of different lifestyle choices. We must embrace it, for it is inevitable. Then, simply put, we must explore.

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