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Role Play

One of the most popular fetishes shown in movies and on television. Role-playing has long been a part of sex play. While once regarded as somewhat strange or even deviant, today we realise that role playing can be a completely healthy way to add variety to a couple’s sex life. Read on for the basics on this popular fetish, including how you can indulge with your partner.

What is Role Play, Anyway?

Like many fetishes, role play has been joked about so much in movies and on television that it has become a bit of a punch line. This superficial familiarity has led to a lot of people having only a vague notion of what role play actually entails.

In the broadest sense, role play encompasses any sexual play which involves one or both partners playing a role other than themselves. This often – but not always – involves dressing up in sexy lingerie or costumes. Truly hardcore fetishists even build small “sets” in their homes, similar to movie sets, for acting out their favorite fantasies.

Role play can be a male or female fetish and is acted out both in person and online. In fact, the explosion of the internet has made role-playing more popular than ever. The virtual world allows for connections, stories, time periods and other details to come alive for participants who wouldn’t or can’t act them out in real life. While this can be a wonderful way to explore one’s sexuality, caution should be used to ensure that the virtual world does not begin to eclipse the real world and take over a person’s life.


Role Play for Couples

 In a healthy adult relationship, role-playing can serve a variety of purposes. Aside from sexual gratification, it can help partners overcome shyness or inhibitions, allow for the indulgence of fantasies outside the relationship without actually being unfaithful, and spice up a sex life which has become a bit dull or routine.

The variety of sexual role plays is limited only by the imaginations of those involved. Some classic scenarios tend to repeat – these include slave/master (this overlaps the BDSM or Bondage fetish), criminal and police officer, anonymous sex with a stranger and porn star/prostitute/stripper. Another type of scenario which is growing in popularity is costume role-playing. Known familiarly as cosplay, this typically involves dressing up as a fictional character and acting out that role. This type of role play has crossed over into the mainstream to the point that there are multiple cosplay festivals each year across the globe, typically focused on a particular type of character, movie or comic book.

If you want to introduce role play into your sex life, it’s an easy conversation to start. Choose a time when you and your partner are both relaxed – and perhaps a bit aroused. Gently introduce the topic, letting the conversation go where it will. You’ll be able to tell fairly easily whether your partner is open to the topic or completely turned off. If they’re even vaguely interested, wait a while, then bring it up again, gently pressing for what kinds of role play they may enjoy. You might try watching a role play or cosplay video in order to spark conversation. Whatever you do, keep it low-pressure and fun, and your partner will likely respond favourably.


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