Would You Ever Try Cuckolding? May 21, 2018 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News

The original term cuckold comes from old French word cucuault or cucu, which is species of a cuckoo bird that lays an egg in another nest. The Middle English term, meanwhile, refers to the husband who has been cheated on by the wife. But it’s used as mockery where society mocks you for allowing that to happen.

Today, however, cuckolding takes on a very different meaning.

Cuckolding as a Fetish?

Cuckolding as a fetish refers to the act of getting another man to have sex with his wife or girlfriend. The only condition is that the husband or boyfriend has to be there to witness the “cucking.” This is considered as a subset of BDSM. While people try to stereotype BDSM as mostly submission and dominance, what’s lost in the translation is the word trust. You have to fully trust your partner into respecting the boundaries so you can enjoy the experience. This is the reason why in dominatrix play, there’s a safe word, which can be invoked before the whole thing goes out of hand.

Now going back to cuckolding. It’s not clear when the original term took on a different meaning. But you can understand the confusion. Whereas in ancient time, the husband was unaware of his wife or girlfriends infidelity, this time the man is very much in control with the expressed permission of his partner, mostly.

Cuckolding to Spice Up the Bedroom

Admittedly, this is not for everybody. When you engage in cuckolding you must know that you can’t take it back. You must be prepared to accept the thought that your wife just had sex with another man. Will you be okay to live with that fact for the rest of your life?

On the other hand, there’s another gradient to cuckolding. At its most basic sense, some men’s perverse their obligation to pleasure their wives and take it to the extreme. For instance, men with small penises have their hang-ups about their sexual organ. They think they are shortchanging their wives (no pun intended). To make up for it, they arrange for their wives to have sex with another man with a bigger penis. However, they find that they derive sexual satisfaction from the arrangement.

Cuckolding as Role Play

However, if you don’t think you can take it that far you can try role play. Instead of bringing another man, you can play as a stranger and have your partner pick you up somewhere and bring you to the hotel. If you have to go back to the house to save money or for safety purposes, make sure that both of you don’t deviate from both your roles until the sex act is consummated. This is also a good way to spice up the bedroom because you and your partner may experiment with something you haven’t tried before in bed. After all, you are a stranger so you can’t be showing the same moves as your persona as a husband, can you?

Lastly, make sure that your partner is totally on board with cuckolding. It’s not good to blackmail your partner into doing something she doesn’t want so you can get off.


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