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Let’s talk about Peeping Tom. In the middle of the 11th Century, Lady Godiva got her husband, Leofric III, to agree to reduce taxes if she will ride to the town naked. The royal then sent word to the townsfolk of Coventry, England to close their doors and windows and avert their eyes when the time comes for her to perform her end of the bargain. On that day, Tom the tailor couldn’t hide his curiosity and took a peep, hence the term Peeping Tom, which has since been associated with voyeurism.

What is Voyeurism?

A man is three times more likely to become a voyeur than a woman. It’s the act of watching somebody getting naked, taking a bath or engaging in a sexual activity. With the advent of social media, you have a whole sub-genre of voyeurism like up skirt, cleavage watching, hidden cams, etc. Voyeurism has already been classified as a paraphilia, which means the urge is too strong for control. He will also become a great risk to himself and others. Of course, for this to be a disorder, you should first be diagnosed by a psychologist.

Peeping Tom tried to look at Lady Godiva’s naked body out of curiosity. A voyeur, meanwhile, will seek out, rather than take advantage of, opportunities. Most forms of paraphilia involved some form of consent between parties. The main characteristic of voyeurism and exhibitionism, meanwhile, is precise because the victim is unsuspicious. That’s one half of the excitement, with the other half being the risk of getting caught.

For the most part, voyeurs don’t really seek out treatment. As with most paraphilic behaviors, they believe that they are in full control of their faculties when in fact the opposite is more factual: their lives are being driven by their urges, and they take risks by fulfilling those compulsions.

Similarities and Differences Between Dogging and Voyeurism

There are some slight similarities between dogging and voyeurism. Dogging is a term that originated in Britain. It’s a fairly recent sexual trend where friends and acquaintances agree to meet up for a “dogging.”

Dogging is the act of having sex in a public setting while a crowd watches. They can be at a safe distance away or be as close as a few feet. The couple having sex fully knows that they are being watched and that can add to the excitement. It’s not uncommon for the witnesses to masturbate while they watch the sex act. That part is the voyeuristic aspect.

But it’s doubtful that true voyeurs would be satisfied with dogging because the couple is a willing participant. The risk of being caught is now taken away.

Dogging and Voyeurism as Role Play

If you need to spice up your sex life, you can do dogging and voyeurism as a role play. Dogging probably can be too extreme to some people as opposed to plain old, boring public sex. Voyeurism is more doable as the woman can disrobe while the partner can watch from a window. The trick, of course, is for the woman to pretend that she knows she’s being watched.

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