Festival Sex – The Good, The Bad & The Don’t-Even-Think-About-It May 7, 2018 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News

The number of open-air music festivals has exploded in recent years, and with good reason. There are few things more relaxing than hooking up with a bunch of friends, pitching a tent and taking in multiple live music shows in a few days.

There is another side to music festivals, however, and it takes hooking up to a different level. The laid-back vibe, communal atmosphere and, in many cases, heavy drinking and drug use at music festivals has led to a huge spike in random, practically anonymous sexual encounters. It’s not uncommon for a festival-goer to hook up with somebody they’ve met just minutes before, or to use an app to find like-minded partyers nearby.

Here, we’ll take a look at whether this is healthy or not, and how to keep yourself safe.


The Good

Hooking up at festivals dates back quite a few years, despite their new popularity. In fact, one of the most famous photos from 1969’s Woodstock shows a couple having sex in public at the famous hippie music festival. It’s easy to see why. Everybody is relaxed and having a good time, the music is loud and there’s a good chance that one or both partners are drunk, high or both.

Festival sex can be a good thing. It’s exciting, particularly if you choose a less-than-private place. Security at festivals tends to be more forgiving of these indiscretions than a typical street cop, so there’s a greatly reduced risk of being arrested for indecent exposure. If you do like your privacy, sex inside a tent surrounded by hundreds of people is still fairly risque, but far safer, and a fun way for couples to share a new adventure.


The Bad

While you may feel overcome by the moment and caught up in the free-spirited vibe of a music festival, the next day can be a real letdown. You may realise that you’ve gone against your own values or religious beliefs, or even cheated on a partner. Sexual decisions made while under the influence aren’t generally the wisest of choices, and this is only magnified when you’re surrounded by hundreds of other intoxicated and aroused festival attendees.

Two of the most severe and immediate consequences of casual festival sex is unwanted pregnancy and STIs. You want to come away from a festival with great memories and some awesome photos – not a baby or a weird rash. Keeping this in mind, regardless of where on the spectrum your values lie, always insist on having protected sex.


Don’t Even Think About It

There are a few hard-and-fast rules for festival hookups which virtually everybody should follow. First, just like at a club or bar, use a buddy system. You’re with your friends anyway – look out for each other! If you see a friend wandering away with a random guy, stop her, figure out if she’s in any shape to comprehend what she’s doing (you know her better than her would-be hookup), and if not, try to stop her. Don’t be afraid to get mean about it – she’ll thank you in the morning when her head is clear.

Next, don’t approach any festival hookup without protection. We’ve all been to sex-ed class and learned this already, but the atmosphere of a festival can make it easy to temporarily forget. Think ahead, pack protection, and try to keep yourself sober enough so that you remember to use it.

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