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What is Hybristophilia?

What drives some women to fall in love with men that have tortured, raped, beaten and murdered other women?

Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez, aka the Night Stalker, were two of the most vicious serial killers in history. When they were eventually caught, something really strange took place: they got “groupies”. Richard Ramirez even got married while in prison. Bundy married while trialled for homicide.

The reasons why some women give in to hybristophilia are both conscious and subconscious.

The Reasons

  1.  Woman Love Dominant Males

For some women, nothing screams “dominance” and “virility” more than a criminal. Just think about it: can anything top a serial killer in terms of control and power? Nope.

  1.  Feeling Special

How many women can say “Yeah, he killed more than 10 women, but he truly loves me”? Not many, we assure you. The interest of a serial killer in a woman isn’t genuine and never will be.

A jailed criminal accepts to be with an outsider woman just because she feeds his ego and offers him more than media coverage. Serial killers crave to be in the centre of attention because they’re narcissists. If a killer were not in jail, the woman who thinks she’s special would be in some real trouble.

  1. Serial Killers Are Extremely Charismatic and Charming

 Some serial killers are not only attractive (Ted Bundy, for instance), but very aware that they are as such, too. They know how to use their charisma to gain the trust of their victims. They pose as brooding, charming guys because they know women can’t resist them.

4. Inoffensive Look

Psychiatrists and criminals still don’t know what’s worse: the heinous murders some people committed or the fact that they didn’t look any different from the next guy seen on the street. Some women automatically think that there’s a child in each serial killer that needs to be nurtured with love; this obsession can go as far as to make a woman think that the serial killer she’s infatuated with is not guilty.

  1. They Do It for the Profit

It can so happen that a woman feigns being in love with a serial killer just to get him to talk to her and then sell the information to the media for some really huge profits. Crazily enough, women are more likely to romanticise serial killers for all the other reasons excepting this one.


Fetishising serial killers is, by no means, a recent trend. It’s been here ever since the notion of “serial killer” was first put forth by psychiatry.

Obviously, for some of us, this is insanity of the most dangerous kind; for others, though, it’s just “another day at the job”. And anyway, we can’t deny that we are a bit fascinated with serial killers and what makes them do what they do. But again, NOT ALL WOMEN!

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