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Vampire Fetish

One of the most common fetishes is the vampire fetish. What lady hasn’t felt like swooning when Dracula courted Mina? Nowadays, this fetish is played out in thousands of bedrooms all over the world. It’s safe to say that it won’t go away too soon. Although we are familiar with this fetish, very few of us know why it’s so widespread and why it has kept on being so alluring throughout the years. The explanation behind its fame can be understood by everybody, as it’s rooted in our own psyche.

Reasons Why the Vampire Fetish Is Omnipresent

In the beginning, when this legendary creature was introduced to the European folkloric bestiary, it was associated with death and was somewhat taken as a proof that if there were indeed life after death, the consequences could be dire. It wasn’t until authors started to exploit the vampire figure and revamp it. The Vampyre by Polidori, Varney, The Vampire by Malcolm Rymer and of course, Dracula, by Bram Stoker introduced the vampire as a romantic entity instead of a devilish one.

Ever since, the vampire has been associated with sex, love, blood, and passion. The vampire offers a certain erotic thrill that few things can offer. Things went so far during the modern age that there are people who think they’re actually vampires.  This explains why the TV series with vampires as the main protagonists have such large audiences and why girls are still drooling for Edward Cullen (who is an embarrassment to true vampires, but anyway, let’s not digress).

As you might expect, the vampire fetish is a lot more popular among the youth than the elderly.

Kinky or Not?

There’s still a heated debate as to whether the vampire fetish is kinky or not; those who say that it is kinky cite odaxelagnia as their main argument (odaxelagnia is getting sexually aroused by being bitten or by biting your partner). If that were biting like in the movies, as in chunks of flesh, then yes, perhaps the vampire fetish would’ve been kinky. Since it involves playful, feigned biting, the badmouthing guys should just cool it down a notch.

Another argument is the penchant for blood that the vampire fetishists display (not really). Once again, this can be torn apart quite easily, because maybe more than 80% of them don’t go as far as to actually bite into the skin of their partners and don’t need blood to gush from their partner’s neck to get aroused and ready to mingle. It’s just a role-playing game that gets too much dirt for no good reason, particularly from overly-religious people.


If you love vampires and you’ve fantasised about doing one, you might just be a vampire fetishist. There are 1000 fetishes that are 1000 times worse than this, so there’s nothing wrong with you. The myth of the vampire endures and so does this fetish. It’s actually one of the least provocative fetishes and so common that it doesn’t raise any eyebrows anymore.

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