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Ash Filled Dildo

As sex-enthusiasts, we’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff. Today we’re going to talk about something that even heavyweight kinksters would say “Hell no!” to. What is this that could make the most imaginative of people experience a brain meltdown?

It’s the ash filled dildo, of course, or should we call it the funeral-dildo? But let’s refrain from beating around the bush too much and delve into this quite freaky sex toy which is. It’s safe to say, the creation of an equally freaky mind.

The Dildo with Cremated Ashes

Yes, you’ve read that correctly: this dildo is filled with the ashes of your partner. The dildo is part of a suicide kit (you’ve read this correctly, too) called “21 Grams: Poetic Reading”.

The kit contains the dildo (with 21 grams of cremated ashes inside), a necklace that works as a key, a place where you can put an iPhone and listen to music (the box is built in such a way that it works like an amplifier) and – just hold on to your chair – a poisoned cigarette.

If you feel like the dildo doesn’t offer you enough pleasure, you can light up the cigarette, kiss the world goodbye and meet your lover. One can only wonder how someone could come up with such an idea that is sure to cause plenty of backlash.

Apparently, Mark Sturkenboom, the creator of the already infamous 21 Grams kit, came up with the idea upon socialising with an elderly woman in his neighbourhood, helping her with her groceries and spotting an urn that supposedly contained the ashes of her husband. Sturkenboom testifies that the poor woman always talked with love and affection of her late husband, but the urn with his ashes wasn’t quite in line with those terms of endearment.

This inspired Sturkenboom to create an item that doesn’t only make a woman remember her deceased lover, but is also practical. While the thought is to be appreciated, we can’t help but think that there were probably other options for combining those two aspects, practicality and remembrance.

How Much Does It Cost?

The 21 Grams box hasn’t been sold yet and we have no clue as to how much it will cost when it comes out. We are inclined to believe that the chances of this being banned are great, considering that the kit is basically a suicide solution due to the poisoned cigarette. Again, we’ve seen and talked about hundreds of weird things, but this has clearly gone over the line. We don’t know how many people would die to use this (no pun intended). We’ve got a hunch that Dr. Kevorkian would definitely back this idea up and try to introduce it to the masses.


If you need more info on this rather creepy sex toy.

You should visit the official site of its creator, Mark Sturkenboom.

That’s probably where it’ll eventually get a price if the project isn’t shut down in the meantime. Let us know what your opinions are vis-à-vis this box below.

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