What is a Furry? January 27, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

What is your spirit animal? Would you dress up like it and go to conventions? Would you lose yourself in a persona crafted specifically for that animal? I would and so would a lot of other people. If you said yes, you would be assimilating into a wildly popular culture, but seldom understood. They call themselves furries. They are people who dress as animals that have been uniquely crafted. Each furry costume also embodies an identity and name, or “fursona.”

They aren’t sexual deviants or barbarous gatherings. The whole sexual furry fandom stigma is just an onslaught from the acts of a few. In reality it is a way to let your outer shell resemble how you feel inside. A fox is cunning, a wolf leads with rigor, and a feline is agile. The interpretation of the fursona – which is the persona of the furry — is entirely up to whoever creates the anthropomorphic creature.

Yes, they do meet in groups to have sex with each other. But to reduce the entire community of furries to the action of a few is silly. Furry fandom isn’t sexual fetishism like it’s been called – not to say a furry fetish doesn’t exist. It is people celebrating a merger between the animal kingdom and humanity. It isn’t any stranger than people dressing up as a super hero.

So the overall furry scene seems pretty PG, with the exception of a few. However, it’s hard not to imagine people trying to have sex while wearing their costumes. I could just be a degenerate with a polluted mind that always finds himself sexualizing even the most boring things, or I’m just like you and want only a vicarious understanding – unless you know you’re a naughty rascal who wants to be involved.

Quick disclaimer: I only know as much as I’ve research. I’ve never dressed in an animal costume – unless for Halloween – and given it it’s own personality. With that out of the way, I would like to imagine for a minute what a furry sex party would be like … HOT! It’s like being wrapped up in blankets beneath the summer heat and getting it on. That sounds like the furthest thing from pleasure. However, if the conditions are right (air conditioning, scented candles, a buffet) than it could be fun to dress up and fool around. Anonymity has always been a point of arousal, and mixed with role play it could be quite fun.

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