Selling Your Virginity January 20, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

Virginity, a blooming flower in the valley of purity and innocence. It’s the zenith of all that is coveted in sex, and everybody wants to perform the coup de grâce on it. It’s rare to find anyone who chooses to hold it for their entire life, because, one way or another, its got to go. That is precisely the reason people ruffle their brows and rabble their old clichés and beliefs on what to do with it, because it is largely a matter of how it goes.

Some save themselves for marriage, and some cultures require women to remain a virgin until marriage. It is those archaic nuptial traditions passed down that still influence how virgins should treat their bodies. It is sacred, and treated as such. Though also being the bane of a person’s social sphere and a right-of –passage. The value a person puts on it is measured from merely wanting to get rid of it to saving it for that special somebody, all the way to selling it for the highest bidder. Ultimately, however a person decides to get rid of it is up to them, exclusively.

But As far as selling it is concerned, it goes for a high price. A girl in Brazil sold hers for more than $720,000, and it is controversial in many circles and a flat-out abomination to anyone within the clergy. But, many people do it to afford the luxuries their birthright couldn’t, like education — which is what the Brazilian girl intends to do with her earnings — while others just see an opportunity to make some money.

There is no right or wrong way to choose to let it go, most people are embarrassed about their first time anyway. They talk about how it sucked, it hurt, and it didn’t last long, and are discouraged. Not saying that it is grounds to sell it, just highlighting a trend. But what is important is not allowing people to control you through guilt or fear mongering.

People have always wanted control over other peoples’ behaviors and bodies. It could be that they have their own agenda to fulfill, whether it be trying to protect a person from regret or just believing that it is an act of dubious sexual nature. But, on the whole, it seems that people support the right to sell your virginity, but even if they didn’t, whose to stop them? The government? Unlikely, unless the conditions were seedy. So choose judiciously what you do with your body, but have fun with it, too.

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