Ways to Switch Up Foreplay February 8, 2016 – Posted in: Sex Advice

Foreplay – it’s not just a means to an end. Although you may be keen to get down to business, and your partner might be as well, rushing through it isn’t fun for anyone. Rather than go through the usual motions and risk being a predictable foreplay-er, try something new and amp up the anticipation factor.

Five Foreplay Moves You Should Try  

Undress Her

Don’t lie there waiting for her to get her gear off. If she’s gone to special effort to wear some nice lingerie, touch it, feel it and compliment how it looks. Then, piece by piece, undo or unzip each item, kissing and caressing as you go. Tell your partner that their breasts look great in a bra, feeling them through it, kissing the exposed tops and then reach around to unhook. Paying close attention to your lover’s body is always a good move, and certainly warms them up for later. When someone has to undress themselves, the foreplay is usually rushed or totally non-existent.


Warm hands slowly working their way around soft smooth skin? Sign me right up. Massaging your partner is relaxing, intimate and shows you’re thinking of their experience. It’s a great selfless move to earn you some brownie points. Massaging is a great step to follow the undressing idea mentioned previously. You don’t have to work out the muscle knots or adjust their alignment, just grab some oil and rub it in. Starting at the top, make your way down and if you’re really trying to create some tension – avoid the genitals. Just when they think you’re going to start kneading their butt, go around it. Tease!

Watch Porn Together or Read Erotica to Her

Visual or mental stimulation goes a long way in that pre-sex period. If you get her mind turning over, you’ll get her juices flowing for sure. Reading erotica is probably something you’ve never even thought of, but it certainly works. If you’re really inspired, you can write your own and read it aloud as you touch your partner and watch the effects on them right before your eyes. Watching porn together is a good opportunity to engage in mutual masturbation, or if you feel like being generous, let your partner enjoy the view while you go down on them or get all handsy!

Blindfold and Talk Dirty

Having your partner sitting (or standing, or lying down) without knowing what’s coming next will definitely increase their desire. Blindfold them and take control of the situation. No need to be rough or dominating – unless they like that. As you’re the one making all the moves, whisper in your partner’s ear with what you’re about to do next, or how much you enjoy doing something to them. Once you take off the blindfold, be prepared for your partner to climb you like a tree. You don’t have to stop indulging in foreplay, either. But your path to the main event will be free and clear, if you both just can’t wait.


There are so many ways to incorporate food into your sexual exploits. You can go the way of eating food off your partner’s body, to seductively feeding them. For the latter, pretty much any food can be fed to someone. It might not be incredibly sexy to feed them messy forkfuls of lasagne, though. Think food that makes the least amount of mess. If you’d like to go down the avenue of eating food off their body, there are a wide variety of body paints that won’t leave your lover all sticky. When bringing food into the bedroom, think about the cleanup! To avoid becoming sticky and staining the sheets, try ice cubes. They’re not too sexy to eat, but using them to trace along someone’s body will cool them right down while heating things up.

While you’re playing, try to do things as slowly as you can and with much purpose. Don’t leave a spare hand if you can avoid it; combine your hands and your mouth to cover multiple areas and provide an all-over experience. Anything that seems like a token move – like a quick nipple tweak – is amateur. Rub, stroke, (lightly) pinch, lick and suck the nipples, both of them. Now that you’ve got more ideas, you’ve got no excuse not to lift your game. No more moving too quickly from body part to body part.

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