The World of Male Sex Toys February 10, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, BDSM, LGBTQ, Sex Advice

Male sex toys are on the rise. There’s much more than the penis pumps and super unsexy blow-up dolls with big open mouths. The range of general sex toys available on the market is constantly expanding. From a woman’s perspective, there’s a toy for nearly every single sex act imaginable. Additionally, there are many couple-oriented pieces of equipment. But what is out there for just men? A few things, actually. Sex toy manufacturers are trying to cater more and more to men’s sex toys, and upping the functionality on the classics just as they do with female dildos and vibrators.

The Most Notable Male Sex Toys

Male Masturbators

Male masturbators are more or less sleeve-type cylinder with no specific anatomic features. They don’t always look like vaginas or mouths or anything like that, just jelly-like tubes. They provide great suction if they’re closed at the end, otherwise, you can hold a finger or hand over the end to seal it. With some lube, the texture inside a male masturbator is miles away from the feeling of a hand. You can purchase versions of male masturbators that are open, like a hot dog bun or a hand shape. There are vibrating, pulsating and heated varieties, as well as USB powered and remote controlled versions, and some with vacuum suction functions. Newer types have suction cups for thrusting into. Positives of these toys are they’re discreet, easy to clean and reusable. They also work well as a tool for building up your stamina.

The Fleshlight is technically a male masturbator, anatomically modelled on real mouths, vaginas and anus’ to create a more realistic experience. For porn fans, there is always the option of buying a Fleshlight molded from your favourite porn star. Vagina and ass moulds are also popular in the same way. More advanced styles of masturbators even include life-size legs or torsos to get a better position and more realistic feel.


Prostate Massagers

For the P-spot or male G-spot, there are prostate massagers. They’re quite similar in shape, size and functionality to female dildos and vibrators. Obviously, their purpose is to stimulate the prostate which is located inside your anus and makes for an intense orgasm. You can find vibrating, rotating and USB rechargeable silicone prostate massagers. If you’re new to exploring the world of the prostate, don’t be scared off by how big the toys seem. In person, they’re not that small but always use lube in that area. There are also smaller versions to get you used to the sensation.

Sounding Tools

Sounding is a pretty unique interest, and not exactly a mainstream masturbation technique. In a nutshell, it involves inserting instruments down the shaft of the penis through the urethra. It’s somewhat an acquired taste, but should you be curious there are plenty of penis plugs or urethral dilators available. Ribbed, curved, and double ended – you name it, there’s a penis-hole insertion to fit. Sounding is a common practice among fetish and BDSM scenes.

Depending on your personal preferences, there are always female sex toys that can tickle you any way you like. If you’re not worried about space or discretion, there are incredibly life-like sex dolls available these days. While all of the toys listed above (perhaps excluding sex dolls) can be used alone or with a partner, there is another type of toy that is couples focussed. Penis extenders or sleeves aim to increase girth and length of your member while sometimes vibrating to also pleasure your lover. Although the range of male sex toys hasn’t grown to the size of female and couples, there has still been plenty of progress so far. Keep it coming!

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