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Nothing builds tension like a sexy game between lovers, and the dirtier the better. You can turn innocent games into adults-only with only a few rule tweaks. Once you’ve added a nudity clause to any regular activity, it’s only a matter of time before it escalates into hot and heavy action. Fooling around with cards, dice, apps and your imagination is a perfect way to freshen up your foreplay routine. They’re also great for breaking the ice and taking things to the next level in a new relationship.

Sexy Games to Play in the Bedroom

Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is definitely not just for awkward teenagers trying to get to first base with their crushes. Having to use your imagination for this might be somewhat limiting, as you might be reserved or shy in making up requests. The solution here is to add a third party, and not necessarily in a threesome kind of way (though that’s always an option). Using a card-based game or a smartphone app turns truth or dare into a risqué session of sexual favours with plenty of teasing. If you’re adventurous and know other like-minded individuals, invite them over and play with them. The more the merrier! Don’t surprise your friends with a dirty version of truth or dare when they’re expecting to play Monopoly. Make sure everyone is on the same page before you lick your friend’s girlfriend’s ear and live to regret it.


Sexy Dice

Rolling the dice for new bedroom ideas is a cheap, easy way to heat things up. You can buy a pair of sexy dice from the nearest adult shop or online. If you’re feeling super creative, you can always make your own with the help of paper or cardboard, some glue and a pen! The best part of store-bought dice is that they’ll have suggestions you might not think of on your own. Depending on your interests, you can also find different styles to suit your personal tastes. Dice are a good starting point for couples looking to play sexy games.


Kinky Card Games

Strip poker is a cheeky twist on one of the most well-known card games around. Raise the stakes by removing clothing at the loss of a round. All you need is a deck of cards and at least one person willing to play with you under the revised rules! There are also a number of adult-themed card games developed purely for sexual activities. You can play to win certain positions or acts, or purposely lose in order to give a certain something. It’s a relaxed and fun way to see more of your partner’s interests and perhaps learn about their fantasies while you’re at it.


Would You Rather

Would You Rather is one of those games that becomes dirty very quickly if not moderated. You won’t want to be moderating it; otherwise it won’t become a sex game that turns you and your partner on! There are many resources online for question suggestions, or you can exercise your brain and think up a few scenarios. It’s perfect for feeling out how your lover feels about sex acts, and getting them to open up about their desires. The best part of Would You Rather is how much fun it is. Don’t take it too seriously and flirt your way through.


There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition between lovers to bring a heightened sense of intimacy, not to mention heat, to the bedroom. You’ll learn something; you might try something new and have some laughs along the way. Start by making your favourite board and card games based around sexual incentives. Once you’ve played sexy games, you’ll never go back to plain old Go Fish.


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