Voyeurism versus Exhibitionism February 6, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, Sex Advice

Voyeurism and exhibitionism; the two go somewhat hand in hand. You can’t be playing exhibitor without an audience and vice versa. Which one of the two roles one wishes to play is up to you however I would probably say that more people enjoy exhibitionism (in the sense of sex outdoors) than voyeurism as it is less of a fetish in itself and more a means to an end.

Voyeurism is when a person gets sexual arousal from the practice of being unseen, or being knowingly seen, while witnessing others engaged in solo or congregational sexual activities. If this is your thing be mindful that not everyone in the public sphere will take kindly to being spied upon. Why people enjoy voyeurism is varied from resulting from a longing from afar, trepidations about actual sexual interaction or an unconventional thrill from witnessing others’ intimacy and exposing something so private.

Exhibitionism is by contrast the thrill of having someone watch you… whether there is a formal agreement or not… the nerve-racking thrill of having one’s privacy invaded not entirely with or without consent.

While exhibitionists enjoy the display and the idea of being watched, voyeurs “get off” on their subjects having, or not having, knowledge of their gaze.

Playing both voyeur and exhibitionist when in regard to outdoor sex has its risks of course, the illegality of indecent exposure is something to factor in. Playing voyeur in the context of say a unit complex does as well, it’s not only considered not-to-do but is also illegal.

The two practices are certainly going to give you a keener sense of self and awareness, perhaps a greater sexual high as well, and if one is the exhibitor naturally one’s aesthetic performance can be improved by a greater sense of consciousness.

Mostly considered an obsession, such activities can take over people’s lives. Many a celebrity, including Little Richard, have been repeatedly “done” spying on people in public conveniences. Something to avoid. Don’t go too far as to invade the privacy of people not participating or reciprocating of the kink vibe. Even though some discreetly located public toilets are places of cruising, remember they also have practical purposes and not everyone utlising them will be doing so for extracurricular purposes. You don’t want to go from the outhouse to the ‘big house’.

While you engage in voyeurism/exhibitionism at your own legal risk when practiced outdoors or through windows, there are designated cruising clubs with rooms or sections designed specifically to cater for such a curiosity or fetish. I advise exploring these in a safe and legal environment lest ye be warned.

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